The Soul Messenger

May 31, 2020

In the realm of nature spirit, the natural ethereal world where soul can be found I find a herd of horses composed of mist. Out of the herd steps one horse forward. She represents the herd and acts as a messenger. I look closely and focus. It is my horse Shamala! I feel it is right and it is time. It is part of who she is and why she is here…

She smiles like only she can. Funny, laughing a bit with me but in a sweet way and approves of the understanding. Love. She steps forward and comes closer. Then suddenly starts running! She goes faster and faster and is whiter than ever!! Suddenly wings appear. She flies…

Although I feel the dark night is heavy with thick grey clouds. The earth bursts open and I am led. Through an underground pathway I go to a new calm and still place. In the bright sky, I spread my wings and fly. 

(When this message resonates with you it is meant for you)

with love to you, hang in there ❤️

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