The horse as a guide

In 2014 I started writing down what I learned from horses and shared this. Horses for whom I did healing sessions and readings, my three horses, horses I cared for or met on my path, and at one point Horse Spirit,who gave me messages in my visions.

A bridge between worlds

With these writings, videos and equine sessions it was my intention to create a bridge between human beingsand horses and so create space for more understanding, respect and love. I wanted to give horses a voice and teach people how to hear horses.

Our journey

On our healing journey, in which we all moved more and more into our authentic self and soul purpose, I was guided by my own three horses and several horses I met along the way. Gradually we have evolved to a collaboration, where we work together to help people heal.


A selection of the texts I have written in the past is still available below for those looking for ways to improve their connection with their horse. Most of these texts are in English, click on the Belgian flag to read the other texts written in Dutch.

Explore your chosen path with your equine friend

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Your horse guides you to discover your true self and potential. When you can see your Self and your horse’s Self your connection comes naturally

Message from your horse Testimonial

Camille Dareau from (France)

“Wow, it is amazing what you felt – it all makes such a lot of sense. I have felt this feeling in her, and I actually think of her as an ocean. I felt in in the form of her cranial rhythm, and it was like the pure form. They say our cranial rhythm comes from when we took the tidal rhythm inside us, but in her it feels like it IS the sea. It is like you have brought all the lines I have been aware of together and made sense of them.”

Soulful Relationship Reading Testimonial

Denise Graham (New Zealand)

I will always hold so much gratitude for Helena. Her wisdom enabled me to connect deeply with my mare, Flame. We were going through an incredibly rough patch after losing her mother and I was struggling to connect with her. Helena was able to connect to Flame and give her a voice. She then followed up with some advice and actions to take moving forward. We now have a strong relationship with clear and thoughtful communication.

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