Helena Sidiropoulos

Soul Energy Healer, non traditional Shaman and Intuitive Guide

As a child I was fascinated by magic and that fascination never left me. When I was a teenager I tagged along with my mom to Buddhist lectures and meditations. One time with hundreds of monks chanting in a space in Amsterdam!! Amazing! We went to moon meditations facilitated by an incredible medium, lectures about near death experiences and more. My mom, who herself is a healer, is one of my most important teachers. Meanwhile I studied fine arts, I met my ex and together we traveled around the globe and got to know more about other cultures while making art.

Then my father died and a year later my horse Shamala entered my life. I dropped the arts, stepped out of my relationship and followed a passion that rose up from within me to learn how to communicate with horses. My horse Shamala was at the time hurt in more than one way and I was not one bit initiated in the world of horses. So I started reading like a madman and discovered Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. His videos and books gave me courage to keep on going. Although I do not agree with all of his teachings it showed me a possible path that inspired me to create a safe space for my horse, so she could heal.

The first workshop I attended at his farm was amazing and beautiful. It was called “Horses Today”. I met kindred spirits like Wendy Van de Velde who started years later the online magazine Paardentaal. For this Horse magazine I wrote a few articles in dutch: Op zoek naar een hartsverbinding, Paarden hebben geen verborgen agenda, Uitdrukking van energie, gevoel en emotie van je paard and De ziel van het paard. You can find some of these articles next to my other writing on this website.

The following years I continued to learn about interacting with horses on the ground through groundwork, coaching and constellation work and other equine assisted therapy approaches. I worked one year as an intern at the Equine Assisted Therapy department of Zorgboerderij Meander. There I too found a part of myself through working within a small, fun and passionate team together with horses.

The most amazing things I learned from horses themselves. They guided me on my way, spoke to me, protected me and are always present. Especially my own three horses.

I witnessed the most powerful healing experiences with horses. It had nothing to do with the method the facilitator used, in fact these choices are human. It were those moments where you felt you just needed to be present and be a witness and back off. Those of you who have witnessed or experienced this will know what I mean. It is my main focus in the Equine Assisted Healing sessions.

Throughout all these years I expanded my horizon in more than one way and also traveled the spirit world. I experienced drum and chanting circles, kambo, ayuahuasca, group meditations, multidimensional workshops and constellations. I experienced many healing sessions by other talented healers and channels and in my turn facilitated constellations, group meditations, readings and healings for others (humans and horses).

The horse as a guide

In 2014 I started writing down what I learned from horses and shared this. Horses for whom I did healing sessions and readings, my three horses, horses I cared for or met on my path, and at one point Horse Spirit,who gave me messages in my visions.

A bridge between worlds

With these writings, videos and equine sessions it was my intention to create a bridge between human beingsand horses and so create space for more understanding, respect and love. I wanted to give horses a voice and teach people how to hear horses.

Our journey

On our healing journey, in which we all moved more and more into our authentic self and soul purpose, I was guided by my own three horses and several horses I met along the way. Gradually we have evolved to a collaboration, where we work together to help people heal.


A selection of the texts I have written in the past is still available below for those looking for ways to improve their connection with their horse. Most of these texts are in English, click on the Belgian flag to read the other texts written in Dutch.

Several years ago I met my lover with whom I have a beautiful child. This has been and still is an amazingly beautiful and at the same time immensely transformative experience. And so the journey continues and yet another world is discovered.


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