One day healing retreat with Horses

Healing retreat attuned to a circle of 3 to 8 participants

This one day retreat into your inner realm is for people who would like to dive into healing their energy body, guided by Helena, while soothed and supported by the healing energy of horses and nature.

This retreat takes place in a meadow under an open sky.

By appointment on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday

Medicine Journey – individual

A Spiritual Healing Journey with Horses through 5 portals of the Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Journey is for people who are on a personal and spiritual quest to know and understand who they are as a soul and wish to be guided in a more profound way by Helena and her three horses and through the teachings and messages of the divine.

Journey within and open the portals to your natural and divine essence.

5 Medicine sessions with horses of +/-2h

By appointment

Healing Journey with Horses

A beautiful journey of healing guided by Gaia, Helena and her three horses

This journey is about knowing who you are through the eyes of your soul: through your ancestors lineage, your inner child’s dream, your soul records stored within Gaia’s consciousness, your soul wound and through the dreams you have woven for yourself. With knowing we open a doorway to healing and the ability to express your natural loving self more in the world.

For anyone who has an interest in and affinity with Soul- and Energy Healing and loves horses.

Small group

Shadow Journey with Horses

A three day journey into the Shadow and out

This journey of transformation is about your truth about who you truly are in the depths of your being and holds your expression in that light of your soul. Have you lost yourself on your way? Have you forgotten your wish as a soul? Did you take on a role that was expected of you, but in fact you are not? Did you grow into a mask that does not serve the real you? Or are you feeling unseen and in the dark?

Embrace yourself fully and become more whole. Align your expression with who you really are.

Day 1 The Hidden and the Truth
Day 2 The Masquerade
Day 3 The Armor

We work next to the horses, on the ground and in freedom.
The journey takes place outside in and with nature.

New dates will follow in the future

Helena has been reading stones and crystals for ten years and has facilitated many group meditations, constellations and healings in the past on her own healing platform Sterrenstroom and for Universa vzw (Belgium).

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