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Message from a Horse – Hearing your horse’s call

A horse I met once popped in my head today.. I have no idea why, but I thought I’d share the story… When I met this horse she had been aggressive towards her trainer. She had been staying at the trainer’s place for some time and her aggression had increased every day. When I saw […]

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Song of the soul

Each one of us has a specific soul energy, a song that resonates with the qualities one carries within… An energy that has its own specific combination of qualities like strength, wisdom, love, truth, creativity, adventurousness, playfulness, earthliness, cosmic attunement… in a more feminine or masculine expression. It is with these qualities that we resonate […]

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How to heal your horse

When we are connecting to our own natural selves and our horses, we are able to cross the barrier and connect truly with all of life… Healing On one hand you can heal deeper layers and traumas, and on the other hand you can heal energy that is picked up through day to day experiences. […]

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The healing power of love

Photograph by Stijn De Winter Letting go Some of us attract horses in our lives who have experienced a past where they were treated maliciously by other humans. When we have these horses in our lives it can take us a very long time to let go of the past of the horse, but letting […]

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