Crystal Relationship Reading

Gain insight in the underlying dynamics of your relationship & the energy of the different persons in this situation.

–  written report + 30 min reflection call / one follow up email  –


In this Crystal Relationship Reading you will receive:

  • A crystal reading of the current relationship dynamic (in this life).
  • A reading of the Soul Contract of the relationship: Why is this person in your life? Why did the two of you chose as souls to come together in this relationship? …
  • Identifying the root: A description of 3 layers: aspects, soul connections and/or past lives (positive, negative & where you are going/who you really are… what is relevant depends on what is shown by your soul and guides)
  • Advice from your guides
  • Directions to do your transformation or empowerment process

> in a written report


Helena works with Crystal and Stone Allies:

In this session crystal and stone beings work with me and act as a portal through which I am shown information from your soul records (also known as akashic records). I may be shown the energy, relevant thoughts and emotions of yourself, past lives and the persons and other relevant elements in your situation.

A Crystal Relationship Reading brings:

Crystal Relationship Readings provides awareness and opens you to healing in relationship issues in your romantic life, family system and other networks in your professional and social life.

This type of reading intends to help you understand how the experience of this relationship helps you grow and provides insight in a challenging situation, allowing you to access your inner strength, forgiveness towards others and yourself and experience more self love. In these sessions, you are given directions to transform energetic obstacles and enlighten your path. This reading opens you to inner transformation and self-love in how you react (energetic, emotional, mindful…) to the behavior of other people.


These readings are a good choice when:

when you experience a specific issue, a specific conflict or connection you would like to look into;  dynamics you cannot put your finger on or other patterns in a relationship that (repeatedly) take place in your life or that weigh you down or because you are curious about your connection.


Concrete information:

  • You will receive a written report (pdf) in your email in English or Dutch within three weeks after your booking. This reading includes a short reflection call or when preferred through one follow up email after the reading.
  • Invoice states : Coaching: written report
  • Investment 94 euro incl 21% vat
  • Deepen a Crystal Relationship Reading and connect, heal and align with your natural, loving Self with the support of my horses and myself in a Healing with horses session: The healing power of horses and crystals
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