A Sacred Journey of Power, Healing and Consciousness for people who wish to evolve and heal with Mother Earth and her Medicine.


Earth Medicine Journey:

In this journey of three Earth Medicine Circles you are taken on an inner journey with my Horses and Animal-, Plant- and Crystal allies, to connect with Mother Earth and her three essential energy flows: her Blood, Heartbeat and Memory. In her blood we resonate with our own feeling body; in her heartbeat we find our resonant rhythm of life; and in her memory, the living library Earth, resides our consciousness and that of our ancestors.


A Sacred Journey of Power, Healing and Consciousness


Mother Earth – Mama Gaia:

There are many Earth stories. Ancient traditions have held, passed on these stories about her, to anchor the knowledge that the earth is alive in the consciousness of humanity. “I’m here and I’m alive!”
When we connect ourselves with Mother Earth, we open a door within ourselves: it is then possible to connect with who you really are and to anchor this in this reality. By making this connection, you form a channel of light, you are a beacon of consciousness for yourself, but also for others!
Planet earth and all living beings living on it: her children, her creations: plant, animal, crystal, human… together form her consciousness. You and I are Gaia. And Gaia is love, connection, the flowers you see in nature that live within each of us, within our children… So when you and I open this channel of light within ourselves and anchor it even more strongly, we illuminate the world, we remember ourselves and others that Gaia is alive!


The magic of healing with this herd of horses and Helena:

Horses are portals to Gaia’s consciousness. The energetic heart of horses is 5 times as powerful as ours, their energetic field can be up to 9 meters in size. Together, as a herd, horses attune to each other and together they form a huge energetic field of healing in which they let us in. Your energetic field is naturally harmonized and will open up more easily, on a subconscious level, to the harmony, the life force, to the energy that lives in nature, within you, and serves your highest good.


In our healing we take this to a higher level because we tune in and heal in a specific way. From experience, the right horse shows up at the right time to join forces with me to enable you to heal. Sometimes they work together as an energetic grid and lift us up. Sometimes they show very clear messages, which can be warnings or encouragements to follow a certain path. Always for you and at the right time. The more you allow this to happen, the more you will be able to receive.


Concrete info:

  • A journey of 3 Medicine Circles with our Herd (healing & teaching)
  • The horses roam freely and choose to what extent they contribute to your process. Physical contact can happen, but is not necessary. Experience with horses is not necessary to follow this journey
  • This journey of expanded consciousness takes place under an open sky in the grass in the meadow. A blanket is provided to sit on.
  • If you would like more information about the Earth Medicine Journey you are welcome to contact me
  • Address and information to prepare for every circle of this beautiful journey will be emailed after your booking
  • Every medicine circle takes place by appointment
  • Your investment for this journey 970 euro incl 21% vat, or in 3 payments of 340,- incl vat
  • It is possible to receive a discount in full of 100 euro for you and your friend when you come together, or in 3 payments of 318,- incl vat p.p.
  • Mentioned on invoice: Coaching – Equine Assisted Individual Program Earth
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