A Sacred Journey of Power, Healing and Consciousness for people who wish to evolve and heal with Mother Earth and her Medicine.

A journey of 3 Medicine Circles with our Herd (each circle is 2,5h – healing & teaching)


Earth Medicine Journey:

In this journey of three medicine circles you are taken on an inner journey with my allies the horses; animal-, plant- and crystal allies, to connect with Mother Earth and her three essential energy flows: her Blood, Heartbeat and Memory. In her blood we resonate with our own feeling body; in her heartbeat we find our resonant rhythm of life; and in her memory, the living library Earth, resides our consciousness and that of our ancestors.


A Sacred Journey of Power, Healing and Consciousness.

Mother Earth – Mama Gaia:

There are many Earth stories. Ancient traditions have held, passed on these stories about her, to anchor the knowledge that the earth is alive in the consciousness of humanity. “I’m here and I’m alive!”
When we connect ourselves with Mother Earth, we open a door within ourselves: it is then possible to connect with who you really are and to anchor this in this reality. By making this connection, you form a channel of light, you are a beacon of consciousness for yourself, but also for others!
Planet earth and all living beings living on it: her children, her creations: plant, animal, crystal, human… together form her consciousness. You and I are Gaia. And Gaia is love, connection, the flowers you see in nature that live within each of us, within our children… So when you and I open this channel of light within ourselves and anchor it even more strongly, we illuminate the world, we remember ourselves and others that Gaia is alive!

This journey consists of three Medicine Circles in which we work together with Nature beings of Mother Earth:

Animal Medicine Circle: Heartbeat of Mother Earth

“Rhythm of the Heart, Rhythm of Life”


Journey within to the beat of the drum. Find your rhythm, find each other.


Traditionally, the drum is seen as the shaman’s horse with which he or she can travel to other worlds. To the rhythm of the drum we travel together to the heart of Mother Earth. There you will connect with Gaia’s consciousness and open a portal of power within you.

In this circle we journey within with animal medicine, and in the healing field of the herd you will receive messages and healing. We end the circle with a blessing for all animals on earth.


(Bring your drum if you have one and desire to bring it)


Plant Medicine circle: Blood of Mother Earth

“Feel me”


Feel your body, hear her call, honor her wisdom.


The Blood of the Earth is seen in native traditions as the Cosmic Life-Giving and Sustaining Waters of Creation that flow through all beings of life, connects us to one another and to Mother Earth, as well as flowing through the lines of time.

We will connect with our body consciousness, to feel what lives within us, and by feeling we open up to healing. We will journey within with Gaia, into the realm of plant wisdom. Plant allies have a supportive, purifying and nurturing energy. We will discover their specific medicine and work with their healing energy. In connection with the herd we will feel deeper into your body and her consciousness. Traumatic events are stored within the body and the horses are able to highlight them, together we facilitate healing for you. We will end this circle with a water ceremony, a blessing to express gratitude and let our love and light flow to the waters of earth.


(Bring a bottle of etheric oil and a bottle of water)


Crystal Medicine Circle: Memory of the Earth

“Listening Woman”


Receptive Feminine. Chalice. Listen. Feel. Receive.


The Earth is a living field of consciousness that vibrates through a variety of crystals and stones. This consciousness is a living library in which past, but also our present, and even future lives are stored. Just as our bodies store our unique experiences, so does the body of the Earth for the collective, through the lines of time. The stones and crystal beings are the keepers of this library of the earth. In addition to their ability to store information and energy, they are also powerful guides in support of our sacred path. As healers and messengers, they give us the opportunity to unlock the wisdom stored in their libraries.

Together with your crystal guide you will go on a shamanic journey in the library of the earth, to your book of life, to dissolve karma and tap into and activate valuable sacred wisdom. In this circle we journey with crystal medicine. You will also receive a crystal reading. We will take this into the healing field of the herd to heal further with our ancestors and the horses. At the end of this circle we end with a blessing and we give back to the ancestors and those who come after us…


(Bring a crystal that is special to you)


Each Medicine Circle consists of a Healing for you and a Blessing for the Earth. The Circle represents reciprocity, we may receive and we give back.


The magic of healing with this herd of horses and Helena:

Horses are portals to Gaia’s consciousness. The energetic heart of horses is 5 times as powerful as ours, their energetic field can be up to 9 meters in size. Together, as a herd, horses attune to each other and together they form a huge energetic field of healing in which they let us in. Your energetic field is naturally harmonized and will open up more easily, on a subconscious level, to the harmony, the life force, to the energy that lives in nature, within you, and serves your highest good.


In our sessions we take this to a higher level because we tune in and heal in a specific way. From experience, the right horse shows up at the right time to join forces with me to enable you to heal. Sometimes they work together as an energetic grid and lift us up. Sometimes they show very clear messages, which can be warnings or encouragements to follow a certain path. Always for you and at the right time. The more you allow this to happen, the more you will be able to receive.


What we do during these Medicine Circles:

Shamanic journeying and healing accompanied by drum and healing songs and horse energy; the Power of the Medicine Wheel; the Medicine of Horses through connection and guidance; working with the energies and guides of Nature.


Concrete info:

  • Each time from 11 a.m. to +/- 1:30 p.m
  • A medicine journey completely tailored to you.
  • Experience with horses is not necessary to follow this journey
  • The horses roam freely and choose to what extent they contribute to your process. Physical contact can happen, but is not necessary.
  • This journey takes place under an open sky in the grass in the meadow. A blanket is provided to sit on.
  • Address and information to prepare you will be emailed after registration (Wommelgem, Antwerp)
  • Do you have a business? Please also provide your VAT number. You will receive a proof of payment/invoice after payment (21% VAT)
  • Mentioned on invoice: Coaching – Equine Assisted Individual Program EMJ
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