Healing and Teaching with Horses

Healing and Teaching with Horses in and with Nature (2h30)


This healing session gives you the possibiltity to plunge even deeper into your connection with nature, the horses and your natural, loving self. Because more time is available, we gain more space to land and Be even deeper. This session builds to a point where you can go to the horses on your own to receive their message. Where necessary I assist you to allow the energy to flow into your energetic field and to translate the messages and energy for you.


On this path of healing and understanding you are held, taught by the horses themselves and shown ways to progress and grow on your path so you will feel more loved and whole on your earthly journey.


This healing immersion is for men and women who:

want to connect more deeply with the energy of the herd and nature. It is for those people who are ready to listen to what the horses have to say to them and say yes to their invitation. You will be guided to the point where you can take those final steps yourself and if you allow it, embrace the experience…


Concrete information:

    • My horses roam freely and choose to what extent they contribute to your healing. We follow the wisdom and path of the Medicine Horse. My horses are not ridden.
    • You don’t need any experience with horses to experience this healing session.
    • This session with Horses (2,5h) takes place outside in a meadow.
    • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Teachings
    • You will receive an email with more information to prepare you for your a session and the location once you have made your appointment: contact

Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems

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