Healing with Horses + Medicine Reading


Individual Healing session with Horses + Medicine reading 2,5u – outside in nature


Healing with Horses + Medicine Reading:

In this extra long session of 2,5 hours long you will have the opportunity to heal with my horses and I, and explore the energy related to your soul growth in a medicine reading.


In this session you will connect with the truth of who you are and shine a bright light on the situation you are facing in your life at this time. You will be given insights, healing energy and information through the guides of the four directions and my horses, with their unique Horse Medicine.


The most impactful readings are those in which you have experienced the energy for yourself. This way of working opens you up to your higher energy and helps you anchor your truth.


There are three types of readings possible:

  • In Shamala’s Medicine Reading we explore your Soul Energy and Purpose
  • With Lupe’s Medicine Reading we look into your Personal Growth and Healing Journey
  • Amal’s Medicine Reading is for Manifesting a specific project, business or idea


For this session I advise you to bring a notebook to write down all the perspectives and information you are given to move further on your path.

These sessions are only possible during the weekend or on holidays.


Concrete information:

  • Every session is unique and begins from your intention for healing.
  • We work next to the horse, on the ground and in freedom.
  • The sessions take place outside in a pasture.
  • Sessions (2,5h) can be performed in English or Dutch
  • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Session XL
  • Prices are VAT incl.
  • You will receive an email with more information about the session itself and the location once you have made your appointment.
  • Schedule your session by contacting me through: the contact page
  • Possible times :
      • OTHER ( you are welcome to inform me of possible hours that work for you, when the hours listed above do not work )

Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems

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