Healing with Horses – One day Custom-made Group Workshop (p.p.)


Custom-made One day Healing workshop for a small group (form your own group)

10-15.30h or 11.30-17h (with a 30 min break), outside in nature

incl 30 min zoom call

Schedule your One day Healing workshop with Horses + 30 min zoom call by contacting me through: the contact page


One day Workshop just for you and your group:

This type of workshop is for people who would like to dive into a One day Healing Journey with a group of friends, family or team members. For this workshop I will tune into the crystals and stones to work out a healing journey for the soul group that is coming together to heal.  Off course you are welcome to suggest a theme for healing yourself which I will further explore with my guides.


Themes of Healing:

Possible themes that may be addressed are self love, the divine feminine, soulmates, flow, abundance, creation, soul mission, spirit guides and ancestors, … but also more day-to-day topics like harmony within a team are possible.

After your booking and payment we schedule a mini zoom call (+/- 30 min) to attune and check in with your group theme.


During this day you will experience:

  • a guided meditation / shamanic journey to connect with your guides, each other and Gaia
  • a healing excercise with horses that you will be asked to prepare in advance
  • a mini group constellation with horses for each participant or a large group constellation for a team (team building, group harmonisation or … )
  • connect with our horses and be held in a space of healing by us, attune to the healing energy field of the herd and their unique Medicine


Way we work:

I work with my herd according to a self-developed way of working that bridges the principles of Equitherapy, more specifically a Systemic approach, Soul Energy Work and Shamanism. Equitherapy provides insight into oneself with the help of horses. And through channeling your Soul energy my horses and I bring you back in connection with your Inner Being. We support you to allow your Soul energy to flow into your energy body and so release and heal. The healing sounds of the drum beating and my voice chanting intensify the healing experience and take you deeper into Gaia and your connection with All that Is.


Concrete information:

    • Every workshop is unique and custom-made for your soul group ⭐︎
    • We work next to the horse, on the ground and in freedom.
    • The workshop takes place outside in and with nature
    • This workshop is on appointment and can take place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or on holidays
    • from 10-15.30h or 11.30-17h (with a 30 min break)
    • light snack and beverage included
    • a group of min 3 – 5 participants (form your own private group)
    • 30 min zoom call previous to the workshop included
    • Experience with horses is not required
    • Workshops can be performed in English or Dutch (Nederlands)
    • Schedule your healing workshop with us by filling the form on the contact page.
    • Notation on invoice: Coaching – Equine Assisted One day Workshop
    • 174 euro (incl VAT)/participant (individual invoices are possible)
    • After your booking you will receive an email with more details about the workshop (location, preparation, my phone number etc) and a zoom link for our online meeting


Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems


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