Healing Circle of Horse Medicine


Saturday 16th of July ’22 – 11h


Healing circle of Horse Medicine:

Come home in the heart of yourself and Gaia, in the loving energy of the horses. Find yourself and recharge. Enjoy. play.


We go out together in gentleness where we can safely shed our armor for protection and be vulnerable. The horses help us with this. They are beings of the heart, of heart connection and pure, unconditional love.


From the depths your inner being is reborn, And you open like a flower, which opens its petals again at dawn, to shine its inner light into the world.


This circle is a joint journey of connection to your natural, divine and loving self.


In this Healing circle you:

  • may set an intention for healing, in order to give direction to your journey.
  • Join others on a shamanic, healing journey to Gaia, your inner heart. This shamanic journey is energetically guided by myself and the horses, and by my drumming and singing and music.
  • will connect with the horses in the field and receive further healing and messages in connection with them. I am shown what is most healing for those people who come to heal with us.
  • there is an ooportunity for sharing those experiences and messages, as you feel
  • we end the circle with an integration


Attune to the healing energy field of the herd and their unique Medicine


We work with the natural world : sun, rain, moon, wind, darkness, light, mice, birds, trees… Some of these elements may be present in your healing session and they contribute to your healing with my horses and I

This circle is for men and women who:

  • want to connect with themselves, with who they really are
  • want to connect with Gaia, who want to feel home
  • want to experience safe, loving, pure heart connections with others
  • have a love for nature and horses
  • want to experience more self-love in relation to others, their bodies and perception of themselves
  • struggle in their relationships, with their body and self-image and want to experience more self love
  • want to breathe and recharge
  • want to radiate their divinity, light and being into the world
  • want to taste the magic of the Medicine of Horses


Concrete information:

  • This healing circle with horses (+/-2h) starts from your intention for healing.
  • We work next to the horse, on the ground and in freedom.
  • The healing circles take place outside on the grass, in a meadow under an open sky. Bring a yoga mat and pillow.
  • You do not need any experience with horses to participate.
  • Mentioned on the invoice: Coaching – Equine Assisted Circle
  • Prices are incl. VAT
  • Date: Saturday 16th of July ’22 – 11h
  • After making your enrollment you will receive an e-mail with all the information you need to prepare and the exact location (Wommelgem/Vremde – Antwerp region)
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