Horse Medicine Reading


– written report + 30m video call –


Horse Medicine Reading:

When you interact with horses they reveal a lot of information about your energy. My horses  show you how you connect with your inner being and others.


In a Horse Medicine Reading I tune in for you and connect with my horses from your energy and experience. This is what I will document in a written report. This message is key information for you in how “to be” in your situation. It is the center message.


Then I will also look into your issue according to the type of reading you choose. The overall  reading is meant to proceed on your path of healing, spiritual evolution and manifestation, and align with it.


These readings are not about fortune telling, they rather give you the keys to create good fortune for yourself in relation to your soul’s intent.


There are three types of readings possible:

  • In Shamala’s Medicine reading we explore your Soul Energy and Purpose
  • With Lupe Moon’s Medicine reading we look into your Personal Growth and Healing journey
  • Amal al Sham’s Medicine reading is for Manifesting a specific project, business or idea



  • When you book this session you will receive a few questions regarding to why you request this reading
  • We ask you to choose your type of reading intuitively by choosing a horse, they each have their own unique medicine which is in alignment with the types of reading
  • I will tune in for you together with my horses.
  • You will receive a written report of their message for you and additional notes regarding to your type of reading
  • We will then schedule a half an hour video call with zoom in the presence of the horses in which we will go over what has been messaged for you.


Concrete information:

  • This is an online reading if you want to experience it in person please book a Healing with horses + Medicine reading session
  • All prices include VAT
  • Language : English or Dutch
  • Invoice states: Coaching + Equine
  • I will get in touch with you after your booking
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