Medicine Journey – individual


A spiritual Healing Journey with Horses through 5 gates of the Medicine Wheel consisting of 5 prepared sessions of 2 hours each – in and with nature

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Medicine Journey

When you choose to undertake the Medicine Journey you are guided by my horses and I over a period of +/- three months time in 5 healing sessions with horses of 2 hours. In these sessions we will step through the four portals of the Medicine Wheel where you will connect and heal with the four directions: North, East, South and West, and the center Self.


In each direction we will connect with the guidance of that direction: in the North we will listen deeply to the wisdom of our guides and thank the Ancestors (all beings that are a part of the creation of earth, including star beings); in the East we will heal and transform fear with the Divine Masculine (Source energy); in the South we will connect with your pure essence and dream of the Magical Heart Child & in the West we go within and find our truth with the Divine Feminine (Gaia’s consciousness / records). In the center is the Self where we will align with your soul.


This Medicine Journey is a combination of teachings and healings through communication with horses, constellation with horses, energy healing, guided meditations and shamanic journeys with spirit guides. How the journey unfolds for you depends on your soul’s intention for healing. In the first session we will tune into your intention for healing to begin your journey. Then I will be guided to move through the directions throughout this journey. We end the journey in the center, in alignment and connection with all and the whole journey.


You will be asked to prepare yourself a week before we enter a new direction. It is recommended to keep a journal of your Medicine Journey so you can reflect afterwards about the insights, wisdom, healing and messages you have received.


For whom is the Medicine Journey?

It is ideal for people who feel called by the Healing Journey with Horses, but prefer to dive in individually. This is a soul journey to (re)connect and integrate your natural loving self and open doorways for expressing your consciousness and potential in your reality.


It is for people who are on a personal and spiritual quest to know and understand who they are and wish to be guided in a more profound way by Helena and her three horses, and through the teachings and messages of the divine.

Concrete information:

    • Every Medicine Journey is unique and begins from your intention for healing.
    • We work next to the horse, on the ground and in freedom.
    • The sessions take place outside in a pasture.
    • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Individual Program+
    • For each session you will be asked to make a preparation, which I will send you a week in advance by email.
    • Prices are VAT incl.
    • Schedule your Medicine Journey (5 sessions of 2 hours) by contacting me through: the contact page. 
    • Are you with two persons who want to do the Medicine Journey together? Then these healing sessions will be 2,5 hours long (only possible in the weekend), both persons can participate with a 50 euro discount each: contact me for this option
    • You will receive an email with more information about to prepare yourself for the Medicine Journey and the location once you have made your appointment.
    • Possible times :
      • OTHER ( you are welcome to inform me of possible hours that work for you, when the hours listed above do not work )

Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems

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