“Memory of Mother Earth” 04/06


Medicine Circle with Horses sun 04/06


Memory of Mother Earth – “Listening Woman”

Receptive Feminine. Chalice. Listen. Feel. Receive.


The Earth is a living field of consciousness that vibrates through a variety of crystals and stones. This consciousness is a living library in which past, but also our present, and even future lives are stored. Just as our bodies store our unique experiences, so does the body of the Earth for the collective, through the lines of time. The stones and crystal beings are the keepers of this library of the earth. In addition to their ability to store information and energy, they are also powerful guides in support of our sacred path. As healers and messengers, they give us the opportunity to unlock the wisdom stored in their libraries.


In this Medicine Circle with Horses

Together with your crystal guide you will go on a shamanic journey into the library of the earth, to your book of life, to dissolve karma and tap into and activate valuable sacred wisdom. You will be supported energetically by the herd; my three horses and I work together in our healing sessions, each with their own powerful horse medicine, to guide you on your healing journey.


In this circle we journey with crystal medicine. In addition to your own experience I will look into your crystal for you. We will take this into the healing field of the herd to heal further with our ancestors and the horses.


At the end of this circle we end with a blessing and we give back to the ancestors and those who come after us…


Earth Medicine Journey:

In this Earth Medicine Journey we will be working with animal medicine, plant medicine and crystal medicine that are part of the consciousness of Gaia just like us humans. With these guides and the herd we dive into the Heartbeat, Blood and Memory of the Earth. In her blood we resonate with our own feeling body; in her heartbeat we find our resonant rhythm of life; and in her memory, the living library Earth, resides our consciousness and that of our ancestors.


A journey of power, healing and consciousness.


🪶 Heartbeat of Mother Earth sat 06/05
🪶 Blood of Mother Earth fri 19/05
🪶 Memory of Mother Earth sun 04/06

from 11 a.m. to +/- 1:30 p.m. (can take a bit longer)


  • Bring a crystal that is special to you for this Medicine Circle “Memory of Mother Earth”
  • In group for a limited number of participants
  • Please register and pay in advance to reserve your spot
  • Experience with horses is not necessary
  • The horses roam freely and choose themselves to what extent they contribute to your process. Physical contact may happen, but is not necessary for a meaningful healing experience
  • This medicine circle takes place under an open sky in the meadow. Bring a pillow or blanket for your own comfort. If you have physical difficulties to sit on the ground, please let me know in advance and I will provide chairs for everyone.
  • Address and information to prepare you for this circle will be emailed after registration (Wommelgem, Antwerp)
  • You can participate in the full journey consisting of three medicine circles (210 euros), or opt for one medicine circle (79 euros). If you would like to participate in 2 Medicine Circles, you can follow the shopping cart to find our bank details, transfer the correct amount and add in the comments which Medicine Circles you want to participate in. Do you have a business? Please also provide your VAT number. You will receive a proof of payment/invoice after payment.
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