A Journey of Alchemy and Rebirth for men and women who want to connect with who they really are and anchor that truth in their world.

The Shadow Guide Journey consists of 4 modules. It begins with a Crystal Soul and Energy Reading (pdf) and unfolds further into 3 deep dive workshop sessions with our herd of +/- 2h30 long.

– Individual –

The shadow is the part of yourself that guides you to pure compassion, unconditional love and childlike innocence. Your true self. When you dare to look yourself in the eye, you come to the truth of who you are and all masks fall off. This is also a journey of love, of fearlessness, compassion and vulnerability.

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A Journey of Alchemy and Rebirth with your Shadow Guide:

Our shadow self is a collection of emotions, thoughts, impulses and memories that we have repressed within ourselves as we adapted to cultural norms and external expectations. Those parts of ourselves that we weren’t able to accept are found in the shadow of our awareness. Even positive qualities can be banned by ourselves when they have been minimised or invalidated by others. To protect ourselves from painful feelings such as guilt, shame and fear, we have created a shadow self for ourselves. Where our consciousness, the light of our being, is not allowed to enter, there is the shadow… It is our unaccepted, unconscious and unwanted self.


The shadow self is also closely connected to the archetype of the inner child and can be a key to our heart from a healing perspective. As a guide, Shadownese points out where our inner child’s gifts are held. Blocks then become portals. By following her directions, we get the opportunity to find, see, forgive, and embrace our true selves; to bring our shadow into the light, into our consciousness. When we are able to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, we truly return home, to wholeness.


In the Shadow Guide Journey we dive into our shadow selves to heal. We look to our shadow guide to discover her gifts for us, we will shatter belief systems that no longer serve us, we will reveal the truth about ourselves and who we are as a human, a child, a woman or man, a lover, … and we intend to wipe the old, dusty, decayed from our slate and make way for new, true dreams and manifestations. The Shadow Guide Journey is about breaking patterns, shifting perspectives, reopening the mind to more light, reprogramming yourself with beliefs that serve your highest well being and potential, and thus give space to your authentic self.



This journey of transformation is for men and women who wish to reconnect with their authentic self, their inner being and allow themselves to shine:

Have you lost yourself on your way? Have you forgotten your dreams? Did you take on a role that was expected of you, but in fact you are not? Did you grow into a mask that does not serve the real you? Or are you feeling unseen and in the dark?


Embrace yourself fully in the loving energy of the herd. Set yourself free. Breathe and bathe in your natural, loving self.



Teachings & Healing with the Shadow Guide, with Crystal and Horse Medicine:

⭐︎ Module 1 – The Unraveling
A Crystal Soul and Energy Reading in which we begin to unravel you by reading your current energy and blocks that are higlighted by your soul.
⭐︎ Module 2 –  The Hidden and the Truth
Although there is hurt and sadness to be found in the Shadow, although it may feel frightening to enter this unknown territory, and although the lid on this box seems closed and sealed forever… and although I was forbidden to enter… I am ready to face myself, ready to hear my trembling voice, to feel my deepest desires and fears and see my unseen being in the dark.
During this first module with horses we carefully wake up our shadow in a gentle way, quickening the dense matter. It is a day of exploration and anchoring in Self, you will meet your Shadow Guide and enter the unconscious and listen in to the soft calling from the Heart, and flow…
⭐︎ Module 3 – The Masquerade
Although I shield myself with many masks, although I am present in the shadow behind the scenes, and although these masks seem light and clean, it are the cracks that burst me open. A new me is being born!
This module will be about destructive/constructive patterns and roles, tales of old and new.
⭐︎ Module 4 – The Armor
Although the tree seems dead and broken, although no leaves nor flowers are blooming. Deep within my bark, life force is still flowing; I am ready to flow my elixir beyond the old! The trickster will show, to help me let it all go. Masculine and Feminine then rise. Fruitfully I am blooming…
This module will be very much about soul and energy healing in the body, where we store traumatic experiences and are able to release them. It is about balance of masculine and feminine energy, which then in harmony will rise into a creative force.

What we do in this in this Journey with your Shadow Guide:

During this Journey with Horses we heal with Soul and Energy Healing, Somatic Healing, Guided Meditation and Shamanic Journeying, Constellations with Horses, Crystal Soul and Energy Reading and Messages and Healing from our herd of Medicine Horses throughout your passage of alchemical transformation and rebirthing.


Horses have a way of opening our heart space in a very soft and sometimes confronting manner. They do this in a non judgemental, natural loving way. When they connect with us humans they envelope us in their herd harmonising energy field. When I work with them, together, along with you, we open your energy field and healing energy is able to enter more easily and strongly. Nature and her energy has a soothing effect on the auric field and helps us to slow down and open up to messages and energy of the other realms.



Concrete Information:

    • We work outside in and with nature.
    • The horses roam freely and choose themselves to what extent they contribute to your process. Physical contact may happen, but is not necessary for a meaningful healing experience
    • Experience with horses is not necessary
    • This Journey takes place under an open sky in the meadow.
    • Address and information to prepare you for this workshop will be emailed after booking (Wommelgem, Antwerp)
    • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Individual Program SGJ
    • Program for one person: € 487,6 excl. VAT
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