Soul and Energy Healing


– crystalreading + healing session: online or at my home during winter season (21/12>21/03)  –


Soul and Energy Healing: Crystal reading + Healing:

This session is an online healing session through video call. We begin this session with a short conversation about the issue you are bumping into. Then I will look at your situation and energy field through a crystal reading. Where the energy no longer flows, where there are hidden emotions that are keys to your healing. I can see this both through the crystals and stones, and also by feeling directly into your energy field. After this, I will channel energy from your soul into the block that is shown to me. Your soul energy enables you to open yourself to the love and guidance of your Inner Being. When your inner balance is restored and the energy flows again within, the flow in your life will also be able to flow again.


Healing is something that can happen thanks to the channel and the receiving client. That is why this session will have more effect if you can open up to the energy. In our healing sessions with horses, my horses help you with this to a great extent, in this session we do it together with our spirit guides. Deliberately choosing to receive the energy that serves your highest good will help you a great deal along your complete healing journey.


Sometimes it can be interesting to do multiple healing sessions in order to receive the energy more deeply and to allow and integrate more and more light and love.


In these healing sessions I receive information that is relevant to your healing process. This can be about your soul, soul aspects, past lives, how you connect with Gaia and your divine source at the center of the universe and/or what is going on emotionally. I align and reconnect you to your Inner Being. Together with my guides I transform energies and blockages that are ready to be dealt with.


In the beginning of the session you have a chance to share which situation or aspect in your life you would like to look into.


This session has the intention to realign you with your Self:

When you feel you are out of balance, when you are struggling with sadness and when you want to flow again, create abundance and attract the reality you want to experience, this session is a good choice. For when you connect with your Inner Being, along the way you will be able to receive the inspiring messages that your Self has for you and opportunities will present themselves. Doors will become visible and people will approach you to help you create the reality you want in your life.


When you doubt between this session and a Healing session with Horses. Choose this session when:

  • you have a great fear of horses
  • you have physical injuries that prevent you from having a session in a pasture with horses
  • during winter time when the weather is too cold for you to relax outside
  • when you live t0o far away

In most other situations I recommend healing with my horses. When you still have doubts between the two contact me and I will look into the crystals for you. ✨


Concrete information:

    • This healing session happens without the presence and contribution of horses.
    • 1,5h video call session – at my kitchen table during winter season (21/12>21/3)
    • Investment: 82,65 excl VAT
    • Invoice states : Coaching+
    • You will receive an email with more information about the session itself and a zoom link, once you have made your booking and appointment.
    • Deepen a Soul and Energy Healing and connect, heal and align with your natural, loving Self with the support of my horses in a Healing with horses session. Book your Healing session with Horses within one month after the Soul and Energy Healing session and receive a discount of 10 euro (incl VAT).
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