Crystal Soul and Energy Reading

Find out who you truly are as a Soul and receive guidance to your 3 questions to help you embody your soul energy & love yourself more.

– written report + 30 min reflection call/ one follow up email –


In this Soul and Energy reading you will receive:

  • A Reading of your Soul Energy: your energetic signature, your soul essence
  • A Message for Healing from your Soul: a crystal reading of your soul records (also known as akashic records) what your soul shows and serves your highest well being
  • Animal Spirit Guide with specific guidance for this part of your soul journey
  • An Activation for Healing, an instruction for a Healing Meditation or Soul Path Progressing Message: a channeled message that incites healing or information to help you progress on your Soul path

> in a written report

Helena works with Crystal and Stone Allies:

In this reading crystal and stone beings work with me and act as a portal through which I am shown information from your soul records (also known as akashic records).

The language of the stones and crystals is a combination of symbolic language, actual facts, future and past experiences and lives, scenes and settings, metaphors, actual energy and more.


Example of a Message for Healing:

H. your message for healing in a fairy quartz 💗 I see you as a turtle. The turtle is walking very slow. The turtle transforms into a baby and then the baby turns and the shell breaks open. It is as if the shell breaks open from the inside out, that by turning it breaks open. But they (my guides) keep showing me the baby on hands and knees, crawling… she (you) must turn to break open. I see the power arising from your feet into the ground and then find power for the turn. Your feet go into the earth and then the power surges up into your leg and then you can make the turn. The shell has now turned into a mask. And your legs are the naked you, fleshy, REAL. So from your earth power you can shed that mask that is in your way and in the way of your feminine power. The second chakra. The kundalini force is your key for transformation. Your creative power must run free they say. Don’t hold back. But the mask is quite a heavy one so it is gonna take POWER to shed it.


A Soul and Energy Reading brings:

In this Soul and Energy Reading Helena looks into your soul records to find out who you are as a soul and what prevents you from embodying your soul energy. It opens a doorway to your soul and a remembering of who you really are. This reading will also help you to see yourself and your healing journey through the compassionate and loving eyes of your own soul. You will also receive advice or a message on how to continue your soul path from here and guidance to your three questions.

These readings are a good choice when:

You want to connect with your Soul, who you really are, and tap into your soul energy so you can embody your Higher Self more in your experience of life.


When you are confused, can’t find clarity or don’t feel good about yourself, this can be a powerful first step in a healing process that you can continue later in a healing session with horses.


Concrete information:

  • You will receive a written report (pdf) in your email in English or Dutch within three weeks after your booking. This reading includes a short reflection call after or when preferred through one follow up email.
  • Invoice states : Coaching: written report
  • Investment 94 euro incl 21% vat
  • Deepen a Soul and Energy Reading and connect, heal and align with your natural, loving Self with the support of my horses and myself in a Healing with horses session: The healing power of horses and crystals
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