Crystal Relationship READING

This Crystal Relationship Reading reveals the underlying dynamics in your work or love relationship. You will gain more clarity in what is happening with the different people and the relationship pattern that arises. This reading also clarifies where you can grow as a person thanks to this experience and how you can experience more self love in the relationship.

Self Love and Personal Growth

written report

Crystal Soul and Energy READING

In this Soul and Energy Reading I look into your Soul Records to find out who you are as a soul and what your soul’s message is for you. You get the chance to ask three questions that I will take with me in the reading.

Spiritual Growth and Self Love

written report


Crystal Guidance sessions are therapeutic and guiding in nature. I look at your relationship or your situation, and see what healing message the crystals and stones have for you, this creates a healing conversation that helps you further on your path.

Emotional Wellbeing, Self love & Love in your love life and work situations.

1,5h online

The language of the stones and crystals is a combination of symbolic language, actual facts, future and past experiences and lives, scenes and settings, metaphors, actual energy and more.

My readings are oriented towards healing

I work with Gaia, your guides and mine as a whole. My focus lies on reconnecting and realigning you with your Inner Being and Gaia. And together with my horses we immerse you in your natural loving self

“One of the best-known methods of divination using the elements of the natural world is the stone gazing technique of the Lakota Sioux. The shaman used a stone about the size of his palm that had at least four sides or faces. Even the act of finding the stone was done in a reverential and sacred manner, in the recognition that all things are alive, sentient, aware, and offer themselves to us out of friendship and a desire to help. The Sioux themselves have an expression which sums up the proper relationship of human beings to “the stone people” and other natural allies: mitakuye oyasin- they are “all my relations.” Having drummed or danced or chanted his way into a quiet and reflective meditative state, the shaman would then turn the rock to one of the faces and hold in mind a question to which he or his people needed an answer.”

The Message from Stone: Stone & Rock divination, Ross Heaven

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