Path of the Soul: new life

Entering the world: the first rite

I read once about a ritual dolphins perform with a newborn. When a dolphin is born several other dolphins greet the baby dolphin and touch it on a specific place on his or her body and imprint it with their DNA until the baby dolphin’s body is completely covered with the herd’s energy. Every being that touches a newborn leaves an imprint. These imprints can be beneficial gifts or burdening layers that you pass on, depending on how much pain you have healed within yourself.

When a foal is born the mare licks her foal dry, but somehow she also imprints her baby with her energy and her smell…

Calling in a soul

A foal that is born within our herd does not only choose his mother, but also a human to be born with… On soul level horses too choose their path of experiences and it is no coincidence that this foal is born in your care…

Last year I had the beautiful experience to call a soul to the physical realm. A friend of mine wanted to give her mare a foal. It was a process of several healings and communications, which helped me realise how many factors play a role into bringing new life into physical existence…

The choice of the inner being

Horses can choose to become pregnant or not, this doesn’t mean that all horses take on this right but they do have this possibility to choose. This horse had some mixed feelings about becoming pregnant because she had lost a foal in the past and her surroundings gave her discomfort. Many people send their horse to a place where they are introduced to a stallion and covered. The mare had been staying too long at that place and she felt miserable over there. The reassurance that her caretaker would bring her home in a couple of days, pregnant or not, did make a change… Our horses want us to choose them, and this was a very important shift. At the point when we let go of our own desires and choose for the highest good of our horse magic happens… Sometimes I need to talk to the caretaker about making decisions and I share this message with the horse trusting the caretaker to follow through on the promise. This can be quite difficult for me because if the caretaker doesn’t follow the agreement through, a lot of damage is done… When a human does follow through, it is the best gift ever and an affirmation of trust.

The horse’s energetic and emotional state was affected in such a way that she didn’t get pregnant during the coverings. Several healings were required to harmonize this.

During those days of healing I saw a foal appearing with my inner sight and felt a lot of love from the mare to her foal and back again… But when I tuned in whether there was a soul present to be born with her, I realised there was no soul present at all… It might be strange, but if there is no soul ready to come, it is impossible to bring life into this world. I asked the mare once again if she really wanted to have a baby and she said yes. Then I called out to the Horse Spirit and asked for a soul to come to this mare. A foal that would help her to grow and heal, one that would fit perfectly with the rest of the herd and with this human who would take care of her…“The souls we attract on our path help us evolve and this is what this horse will do for you… “ Then I felt an energy coming in, the soul of her baby… It felt like a strong energy…

Yesterday morning this foal has been born. Wow! A lovely filly… with a strong radiant energy, and the love that I once saw between these two horses is now visible in the physical realm…

Helena Sidiropoulos

The horse as a guide

In 2014 I started writing down what I learned from horses and shared this. Horses for whom I did healing sessions and readings, my three horses, horses I cared for or met on my path, and at one point Horse Spirit,who gave me messages in my visions.

A bridge between worlds

With these writings, videos and equine sessions it was my intention to create a bridge between human beingsand horses and so create space for more understanding, respect and love. I wanted to give horses a voice and teach people how to hear horses.

Our journey

On our healing journey, in which we all moved more and more into our authentic self and soul purpose, I was guided by my own three horses and several horses I met along the way. Gradually we have evolved to a collaboration, where we work together to help people heal.


A selection of the texts I have written in the past is still available below for those looking for ways to improve their connection with their horse. Most of these texts are in English, click on the Belgian flag to read the other texts written in Dutch.

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