Disease : signs of the body

Before a disease escalates and we need to call in a veterinarian to our aid, in most cases, the body of our horse has already given us many signals that there is a problem. The disease is already manifesting itself and is visible when you observe carefully, but we can also feel it when we tune in… This is why tuning in, making connection with our horse on a deeper level, enables not only emotional and spiritual healing, but physical healing as well.


In my experience when people say their horse has colic, the ailment already progressed to a severe state. Sometimes with death as a result. Sometimes our horses have chosen to die, but we can always make a difference in how a situation is experienced… Even when a severe colic is going on and a veterinarian is on the way, it is good to give your horse support…

Colic has several states, varying from mild to severe…

I have experienced mild colics in horses that I could easily balance through energetic interventions… I have met once a fellow shaman who works with horses and she too was able to intervene before the colic became severe. We both noticed the colic and when she healed her horse the colic was gone…

When a colic becomes severe I recommend to call a veterinarian immediately. (*By severe I mean no longer subtle energetic signals…)

When a horse has a mild colic, we can notice in their eyes that something is off. Their energy feels a bit like nausea to me and I feel the energy is messed up, sometimes stuck around the belly… Walking your horse can bring healing, but also massaging the belly and sending healing energy through his or her belly works wonders… Especially make a good connection from the lower chakras of your horse with the earth energy…


I have the same experience with laminitis. Before a horse is hit severely by laminitis you can notice that she or he puts less pressure on a certain hoof or hooves… This is very subtle, so you need to look very closely… I also notice that the energy around the hoof is messed up. It looks chaotic and feels a bit like a headache but then expressed in energy. You can feel that the hoof is becoming hotter as the laminitis progresses… The good thing is that when you notice the beginning of laminitis you can immediately step in. I use green clay to cleanse the body on the inside, take the horse of the pasture, change food, I also give homeopathy and sometimes herbs, rinse the legs and hoof with cold water and give a healing… You need to follow this up every day until you feel harmony is restored inside the hoof and then see how you will continue…. This is my personal experience and I really encourage you to question and discover your own take on things.

When laminitis is really severe, like with any severe physical ailment, I call in a veterinarian.

Physical blocks

It is also possible to see and feel physical blocks in a body. I see blocks as compressed energy; the body is not relaxed in these places. When I notice a physical block I call in an osteopath to treat these physical blocks…

Sometimes it may be possible to clear a block while you are riding your horse, but as I am not a rider this is not an option for me. If the block is a result of riding, which may well be possible, it is good to call in an osteopath and maybe even a coach that can help you with your riding. Good coaches are very valuable!

I see the response in a horse while someone rides and could give explanations why your horse responds in a certain way, but cannot give advice on riding… In the best case you find a coach that can do both: see the horse and see the rider…

Trust, respect and harmony are essential in handling horses and riding. The best coaches are those that embody those principles.

Body out of balance

There are many possible diseases. They can be noticed in the energy field of your horse, in the expression of their eyes and the way they behave… When you check your horse’s body and energy field often, it helps you notice when something is off. You develop your own understanding of the body and this will enable you to keep your horse in a harmonic state of well being.

Helena Sidiropoulos

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