Photograph by Stijn De Winter

Letting go

Some of us attract horses in our lives who have experienced a past where they were treated maliciously by other humans. When we have these horses in our lives it can take us a very long time to let go of the past of the horse, but letting go of that past is crucial and the key to completely heal our horse’s past.


When we keep seeing our horse as a victim, and keep repeating in our head all the bad stuff that has happened to our horse, we are throwing this energy to our horse and are actually keeping our horse and ourselves in the energy of the past. This is not helping your horse and neither is helping yourself. We are in anger or sadness when we are seeing our horse and we are blocking ourselves from feeling love.

With open eyes and love

Love is The healing energy that helps both you and your horse to overcome the pain of the past. The key to let go of the past is to look at our horse’s true self, our horse in an empowered state and see all the potential, qualities and talents our horse has. When we are seeing all that, we are sending an energy of love to our horse and we are actually healing all the pain and suffering, not only for our horse but we are healing this for all the horses who are in pain.

The impact on the collective consciousness

We are all connected to a field of consciousness and horses can very easily tap into this field. When more of us feel love for them, those that are still in pain have the possibility to get access to this love too. This is on an energetic level. In this concrete reality we are affecting others around us and are encouraging them to see their horse too in an empowered state and open them up to really listen to their horse.

This is a path that can enhance a shift from fear and suffering, to love in all of our lives.


The horse as a guide

In 2014 I started writing down what I learned from horses and shared this. Horses for whom I did healing sessions and readings, my three horses, horses I cared for or met on my path, and at one point Horse Spirit,who gave me messages in my visions.

A bridge between worlds

With these writings, videos and equine sessions it was my intention to create a bridge between human beingsand horses and so create space for more understanding, respect and love. I wanted to give horses a voice and teach people how to hear horses.

Our journey

On our healing journey, in which we all moved more and more into our authentic self and soul purpose, I was guided by my own three horses and several horses I met along the way. Gradually we have evolved to a collaboration, where we work together to help people heal.


A selection of the texts I have written in the past is still available below for those looking for ways to improve their connection with their horse. Most of these texts are in English, click on the Belgian flag to read the other texts written in Dutch.

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