November 25, 2020

Consciousness is the continuous being and becoming of everything and nothing. 

You as a soul in your human expression have chosen some experiences. You will pull in these experiences in your human expression that is your life, because it was your own free will and choice to have these experiences when you decided to incarnate in this lifetime, in this moment, and the many lifetimes you have had before. When certain energetic pieces come together they can create a transformatIve event like conception, birth, rebirth and death. All one can do is allow and go through it. (And this is a whole lot)

You as a human expression also create your reality, for better or for worse. Thoughts and emotions that have become part of you through your upbringing, your relationships, the human collective, your ancestral lineage… all these imprints have created good feelings and thoughts, but also wounds that trigger you. These both instigate reactions and emotions and thoughts that in their turn create new experiences etc etc. Here one can rewire themselves, heal and so recreate your reality. This path is a way to manifest more abundance in your life.

In all of this, enlightenment is not an ending, it is you as your human expression being able to tap into your loving soul that is ever present. 

Consciousness experiences, tastes, feels, lives, loves, cries and dies through you.


In all of these many facets of life in expression we are here for you 

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