Path of Healing with Horses

The Magical Power Of Your Focus

Some time ago I felt that I was in the shadow again. A shadow I thought I had brought to light. It felt like nothing had changed. But then my guides said to me, “Look at the energy around you.” I changed my focus and began to notice how beautiful the energy around me was, […]

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The Healing Energy Your Child Brings

Your child brings healing with them. They come into your life and overflow you with love and lay bare the fears you still have within. They bring healing for the ancestors. So holding space for them, allowing them to be THEM, to allow them to feel their power, their being, their wisdom, their voice, their […]

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Healing Traumatic Experiences In The Body

Sometimes I am guided to use physical pressure to do our healings. Especially when a client has experienced a traumatic experience, I notice that the body asks to help release that stagnant energy in this particular way. I feel that I am really prodding into a wound as to move through it.  Last time I […]

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Love and Your Sacred Space in Your Relationship

Love is seeing someone in their wholeness. It is witnessing their inherent power. It is the belief and knowing that the other person has everything in him/her to deal with the pain he (his whole being) has created in his life. Although it can be very painful to witness someone lost in the shadows of […]

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Self Love and the Relationships You Attract

We are like magnets to one another once switched on. Multidimensional Puzzle pieces that beautifully fit together. Patterns that resonate throughout the universe.  When you harmonise your puzzle piece ( your energetic vibration made up of thoughts, feelings, your blueprint… ) and attune your expression to your inner being, you will naturally attract a different, […]

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The Truth About Love

Love holds no power over someoneLove is free And it flows from a being to anotherAnd back again From the divine to a being and back againMaking us all lovers of one another  (Through the Eyes of the Divine – Spirit Message)

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Your Space Is Sacred

As a child you may have learned that you needed to give up your space, your boundaries, your intuition, your gut feelings, to be appreciated and loved.  You may have been taught to move away from yourself, to give up on what felt good to you “to be worthy” of love from the adults around […]

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Soul Journey

We want you to dive a little deeper.To really allow yourself to feelTo really stand there and experience as you are feeling the fear the hurtthe wounding And then see how it crumbles around youhow it shatters into pieceshow it falls apart And witness how all that remains is You The beautiful and loving being that you are And now […]

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Stone and Crystal Messages for Healing

The language of the stones and crystals is a combination of symbolic language, actual facts, future and past experiences and lives scenes and settings, metaphors and actual energy and more – 5 different Crystal Mini Soul Readings – H. your message for healing in a fairy quartz 💗 I see you as a turtle. The […]

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The dark is the unknown the unseen. It is not fear in itself, but it can cause fear. – A crystal soul reading excerpt – 

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I just received a really beautiful meditation/healing. It is helpful when you are feeling less, hard on yourself and incomplete. Sit, be still, silent. Close your eyes and go to your happy space (your inner child knows it). You are a child, a little girl (or boy), and you are playing in your magnificent world. […]

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Some writings, messages, from my Inner Being, my guides who work with me through Nature. You will also find many insights through excerpts of healing sessions with clients, all anonymous off course. I share these insights because they can aid others in their journey to experience more Self Love.

You can also find some of the older texts that I wrote about horses: connection with them, healing and guidance from these beautiful guides.

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