Some time ago I started noticing that when I set foot on the land where my horses are living, i feel I am entering another realm. The outside world dissipates as I walk closer up to them and I progress more and more within, into the realm of peace, beauty, love… 

I have no idea whether our clients have this experience too, but during our healing sessions when the horses come into the space where the clients and I are and the session began, clients really notice the difference as well. 

It is as if the horses together create a field in which they allow us and take us in when we come together.


Shamala, Amal and Lupe

Horses as beings

Horses are intelligent and sensitive beings. Like any living being they evolve in consciousness. They are often described as prey animals that have certain fixed roles within their herd, like the leading mare for example. In my observations and experience, I have seen that horses and their interactions with the herd are much more complex than these fixed defined roles. I have seen how roles shifted between horses and were passed on within a herd depending on what was needed in the situation at that time. And although horses do not hunt and kill their food, they can be very dominant, aggressive even and powerful in their interactions with the worldaround them. 

Horses are no object, machine nor mirror as they are sometimes seen by riders, breeders or therapists…

It feels anything but wise to put them in any kind of box. 

Like any living being, each horse has its own talents and feels more comfortable as a teacher, a playmate… Some horses love riding and even competition, others feel better when they are not ridden at all. It all depends on each specific horse. When you listen to your horse, you will notice when he/she is most happy, that this horse is beaming! (For more info, see the page: Your horse is your guide)

Before I started working with my own three horses I have been doing readings and healing sessions for all kinds of horses. From them and my own three horses I have learned all that I know about them, and I keep on learning. 

I discovered that the more open we are, the more interesting, unforeseen answers will come our way. 

This is why I invite you to open up and step into the realm of horses ❤️

My three horses

My three horses have very different gifts that they bring into this world. I was tempted to write down what they each meant and still mean to me and how I experience their strengths and challenges, but I think could affect your experience and influence your perception. But just to give you an idea, each one of them is an amazing, powerful, spiritual being.

They are my teachers, my friends and my kin. 

When we started this work of healing together and I wrote this text, they were at a point in their lives when they were balanced and strong. I thought it was important that horses are sufficiently balanced before people start working with them in therapy, coaching or healing sessions.

I got the idea of asking them to introduce themselves to you by tuning in with their being and energy. Here we go:


“I am Shamala. I am curious about this question and satisfied. Inside I am young and playful. I am ancient and wise and I go very very deep and I take you with me all the way into the earth. Transformation awaits you. And then a lightness will overflow your entire being. I am love.”

Amal al Sham

“I am Amal. Son of Shamala. Sun. POWER resides within me and it bursts out like a volcano. If you dare to let me in I will spiral from within and clear the darkness within. Then comes peace and my loving sweet heart will soothe your heart. Tears will flow and hurt will pass. I am tenderness.”

Lupe Moon

“I am Lupe. Lupe of the light. Lupe Moon. I enter your mind and I purify the dark thoughts in your head. I feel like a massive wave that crashes into your shore. I breathe into you and blow it out. Clearing and then comes peace. Stillness. You feel your Higher being within. I am”

Our work together

I work together with them in nature, on the ground and in freedom. This way they can very clearly express their communication and what they say becomes clearly visible to you. They choose themselves in which way they take part in the healing work we do together. I see that sometimes they collaborate as a team and sometimes one horse steps forward, while the others remain in the background.

We as a team have moved over the years with our healing work stronger into the energetic healing part which feels to me like the next level kind of way to work together with horses. I see my horses move into whole new ways of healing. We keep on evolving together, as a team. 

Natural living

My three horses live outside on a pasture 24/7 (unless their health requires otherwise). They have access to a winter paddock and open stables so they can move around at all times. They get plenty of hay and/or grass.They live together in a small herd. because horses are social creatures and also live in groups in their natural habitat. They do not wear rugs during winter time. When horses have access to shelter and plenty of food, they have a natural ability to grow a thick coat that keeps them warm. My horses have never been ridden in their lives and have not been extensively trained to any particular method. I have had my horses with me since 2010 and in 2018 they informed me that they were ready to do this work with and for the healing of human beings together with me.


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