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Connecting with the higher self of your horse : a guided meditation

The higher selves of horses can be found on a higher dimension which I call the Horse Spirit world. I see this realm as a collective of all the individual souls of our horses. When I go further I find myself in an Ocean like energy where we can find Horse Spirit. Spirit is pure essence […]

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Through the looking-glass… dominance or strength

Photograph by Gilles Dutrieux Before we can enter the realm of the true self and connection we are looking at a mirror. To be able to step through the mirror’s reflection and see what is on the other side we are challenged in many ways. Not only by our horse, but rather by our own true […]

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Of freedom and horses… a horse-human relationship

Restraining horses: control I was wondering what I could write next, so I asked my guides and they showed me an image of a horse that was being restrained. He tried to escape this restrainment through prancing, but several humans held him down with ropes… Then I saw this billboard in the streets with a […]

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Song of the soul

Each one of us has a specific soul energy, a song that resonates with the qualities one carries within… An energy that has its own specific combination of qualities like strength, wisdom, love, truth, creativity, adventurousness, playfulness, earthliness, cosmic attunement… in a more feminine or masculine expression. It is with these qualities that we resonate […]

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