Language of horses

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Horse to horse interaction

Taking space There are several reasons why a horse wants to take a space, enter a space or preserve a space. These underlying reasons aren’t necessarily a statement of dominance or subordinance. Horses may want to groom another horse or may feel sick or in pain and choose not to connect… There are many possibilities. […]

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Horse – human interaction

Past When we interact with our horses we cannot separate the deeper layers that are present within horses from their current responses. When a horse has experienced some trauma in his or her past it will influence our current interaction. That is why it is beneficial to discover whether or not your horse has a […]

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Connection and communication

One with the herd When we, humans, are with our horses we often become part of the interaction. We are a part of the herd, it doesn’t matter whether we are a horse or not. I see that a herd has an energy field of its own, like a circle, and when we step in […]

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Understanding the language of your horse

We can read our horses on several levels: a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. These expressions are interwoven, but each of these levels are portals toward a greater understanding of what your horse is expressing. Horses have no hidden agenda When we approach our horse and read him or her, it is important to […]

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Expression of energy and emotions

There are many ways to tune into your horse and find out how he or she feels… One of them is body language through facial expression. I have made a photographic overview of the process of my wonderful mare Shamala over the past four years. The first photograph was taken after a month she was […]

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