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What horses want

Every horse seeks connection whether this is with other horses or humans. Even when it seems that your horse kicks or comes at you and challenges you, it does seek connection. They want to be with another being. Now when your horse kicks or comes at you or even disconnects it means several things. All […]

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Message from a Horse – Hearing your horse’s call

A horse I met once popped in my head today.. I have no idea why, but I thought I’d share the story… When I met this horse she had been aggressive towards her trainer. She had been staying at the trainer’s place for some time and her aggression had increased every day. When I saw […]

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Connecting with the higher self of your horse : a guided meditation

The higher selves of horses can be found on a higher dimension which I call the Horse Spirit world. I see this realm as a collective of all the individual souls of our horses. When I go further I find myself in an Ocean like energy where we can find Horse Spirit. Spirit is pure essence […]

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Disease : signs of the body

Before a disease escalates and we need to call in a veterinarian to our aid, in most cases, the body of our horse has already given us many signals that there is a problem. The disease is already manifesting itself and is visible when you observe carefully, but we can also feel it when we […]

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Path of the Soul: new life

Entering the world: the first rite I read once about a ritual dolphins perform with a newborn. When a dolphin is born several other dolphins greet the baby dolphin and touch it on a specific place on his or her body and imprint it with their DNA until the baby dolphin’s body is completely covered […]

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Horse trauma: Fear of the herd

I was asked by my mom to do a session for my sister’s new horse. She had an accident: ran through barbed wire and had to spend some time in the stable to completely heal. When I gave her a healing and talked about how she would soon be able to join the herd again, […]

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