Self love

December 1, 2020

– A Crystal Soulreading – 

(in a round clear crystal quartz broken into two parts)

First i saw an innocent child and an authoritarian strict adult. The adult tells the child what to do, how to behave.. The child with his heart wide open takes it all in. The adult feels closed off. When the adult starts to begin feeling his/her feelings (s)he becomes the child. From the position of his/her inner child (s)he feels compassion for himself. The inner child seems matured somehow and doesn’t take it all in anymore. The two pieces gradually move closer together… But this is a long healing process. 
So I thought let me ask for a quicker way 🙂


Vibration is raised and this trembles all the darkness loose. The darkness becomes the shadow. I see a pirate.

Healing draws the two pieces magnetically together, but all the darkness has to be removed.

I pick up the pieces and see that light shines through the shadow from the depth. And in that depth I see my father. I feel he is close and present, and I feel warmth and healing. I also see the crown chakra lighting up. And shining its light outward, the light rays go through the shadow self. 

Then i see the mother that is rebirthing you.I see the light / energy shining through my human hands. I channel the light/energy and send it to the piece that has fallen. There is so much sadness in the fallen piece. It becomes closed off when it moves further and further away. The other piece is looking from above to the fallen piece. It is your higher self, who in fact is your other half

Your other half keeps looking at you, all the time. There is so much appreciation for youand as you go up with your awareness your other half is able to come down. The magnetic pull is pulling you together. You allow your other half to come closer.

But for some reason you keep looking down and are stuck with your head and face downward, as if you are fixated. Your other half is so close and you cannot see it. All you have to do now is look to your side.

When I say this I see your mind opening up carefully… and then love from your other half is able to come in. This love is the magnetic love that pulls you together and makes you whole. This is who you have been looking for.

It was your other half all along.

Your higher self



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