Stone and Crystal Messages for Healing

February 3, 2021

The language of the stones and crystals is a combination of symbolic language, actual facts, future and past experiences and lives scenes and settings, metaphors and actual energy and more

– 5 different Crystal Mini Soul Readings –

H. your message for healing in a fairy quartz 💗 I see you as a turtle. The turtle is walking very slow. The turtle transforms into a baby and then the baby turns and the shell breaks open. It is as if the shell breaks open from the inside out, that by turning it breaks open. But they (my guides) keep showing me the baby on hands and knees, crawling… she (you) must turn to break open. I see the power arising from your feet into the ground and then find power for the turn. Your feet go into the earth and then the power surges up into your leg and then you can make the turn. The shell has now turned into a mask. And your legs are the naked you, fleshy, REAL. So from your earth power you can shed that mask that is in your way and in the way of your feminine power. The second chakra. The kundalini force is your key for transformation. Your creative power must run free they say. Don’t hold back. But the mask is quite a heavy one so it is gonna take POWER to shed it.

S. Rose Quartz (a crystal for you to work with, my guides say). I feel many emotions and the need for softness. The softness and love of the rose quartz are here for you. They know you. I see what looks like a skin, a layer, but also skin. And then they show me the blood and veins that are underneath. You appear in the crystal and I see you are contemplating and I feel your sadness. The thoughts become a bit stagnant energy. I would not say that it is a block, but be mindful that it does not go in that direction. Just a gentle reminder they say, is all you need. Wow and then I see you Inner Being. I see a very strong connection with the rose quartz energy, it is a part of the larger energy of the being that you are.

C. the shattuckite They are showing me you and I see in your eyes, where there is a whole space in the universe, that you are vulnerable (at this time even more). It is not something you are likely to show to the world. But this vulnerability, fragility is also part of your true self. It is an asset. You are an observant being on the inside and you pick up a lot more details and nuances than others and knowing that this is a power is your healing message.

E. I see you as a very cheerful person. It looks like you can be happy with very simple things, the joys of life like good food and I am not sure wine, because is it healthy enough for you? You seem so happy and content. I see a man, I think he is your lover or future lover?, and he wants to give you something… I would say it is a ring… I would even say a marriage proposal, he is on his knee taking something out of his pocket and the thing in his hand is shining… but honestly I don’t like to tell people these kinds of messages… but okay they keep showing me the man and that he wants to give you something, and this is what brings you to a deeper emotional level. I just see you smiling and him giving his gift all you have to do is accept.

L. The super seven, one of my favourite crystals it is a healer and very powerful. They are showing me an older man. I would say your father or grandfather maybe? He is very strongly present and has an opinion, looks worried and in thought and frowning. But it is like he keeps his mouth shut. First I wanted to say that his mouth looked like it was sealed, then it looked like a moustache, but he keeps his mouth shut. Not being able to speak to you is giving him sadness and it would be very healing to have his message in the open and speak with you. It feels that it would become more relaxed, soft, and things will flow.

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