Your space is sacred

May 1, 2022

As a child many of us have learned that we needed to give up our space, our boundaries, our intuition, our gut feelings, to be appreciated and loved. 

We were taught to move away from ourselves, to give up on who we were to receive love. We learned that self love was selfish. Our parents did not know or understand about self love and wanted us to fit in the world. And although their intention was love they taught us different. 

Some of us have moved that far away from ourselves that we do not know who we are and what we truly love anymore. We forgot that love was found within and started looking around for someone else to love us. 
Moving away from ourselves even more…

A first step to love is to listen to your sacredness. Your intuition, your gut feelings. These feelings help you to move back to your self, to who you are, to your sacred space. Then start honouring those feelings even more. Reconnect with your being and feel and honour what your heart wants…


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