Healing Traumatic Experiences In The Body

June 5, 2022

Sometimes I am guided to use physical pressure to do our healings. Especially when a client has experienced a traumatic experience, I notice that the body asks to help release that stagnant energy in this particular way. I feel that I am really prodding into a wound as to move through it. 

Last time I experienced this, it was so beautiful, because Lupe (one of my mares) came to the client and me, while I was heading to that wound. And I knew she knew before I knew and even my client knew, that we were going there. From afar heading into our direction Lupe started soothing the woman’s energy body. It was so gentle and utterly beautiful and soft… and as she was soothing this woman and held her, I was able to tap open this old traumatic experience that she had experienced as a child… 


– Excerpt from a Healing Session with Horses

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