Love and Your Sacred Space in Your Relationship

May 26, 2022

Love is seeing someone in their wholeness. It is witnessing their inherent power. It is the belief and knowing that the other person has everything in him/her to deal with the pain he (his whole being) has created in his life. Although it can be very painful to witness someone lost in the shadows of themselves, you cannot do their healing for them. 

When you take over the reins of their lives and try to solve the problems and pain of others, you are telling them (unconsciously) that they are not powerful enough to face it and deal with it on their own. You tell them they are incapable, inadequate or insufficient. You even get in the way of their healing, because you enable them to remain in stasis. And only by healing does a person really change the course of his life… 

To top it off: if you step into someone’s life uninvited and take it over, you are also overstepping your own boundaries. You will at some point feel like you are carrying the weight of other people (energetically by assimilating imprints, emotionally by feeling sorry for them, mentally with your attention…)

Healthy and serving boundaries are there to keep out unwanted visitors and energy, but also to keep you in touch with yourself. When you are with your Self, you show others how to connect with their inner being (you will be guided what exactly is serving both of yours wellbeing) and so show a way. 

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