Horse and human on an evolutionary path together

December 23, 2014

Every species holds and carries a specific energy, it is the combined energy of many souls… this is the Oversoul. For horses this Oversoul is the Horse Spirit. The Horse Spirit carries the energy of freedom, magic, the sixth sense and travel. We can connect with this energy through meditation and it can even be our spirit animal. The spirit animal is like a spirit guide that resonates with your inner being. Through connection with that specific energy it enables you to bring this specific energy into manifestation.

Some of us have horses in our lives and these horses carry their own specific soul energy as well. For these humans interaction with their horse can reveal a lot of potential about themselves and can reveal a lot of insight in the horse energy as a whole.

I don’t know the Wild Horse and have no idea of their specific quest, other than keeping the energy of the Horse Spirit present on earth… What I do know is the Domesticated Horse, the horse that has chosen to become a guide for humans. These beings have taken on another quest than wild horses…

Many of us refer to wild horses as an example for domesticated horses and try to keep and care for our horse as natural as possible. There is much to gain when we keep our horses in an environment that is as natural as possible, but I believe it is important to realize that these horses, while they are kept in a fenced area, are not at all like the Wild Horse.

Domesticated horses ask from us, humans, other things that give them the experience of freedom in exchange for the freedom that was taken from them… Freedom for a domesticated horse is experienced in a new way, it is a freeing of the mind and heart, and eventually of soul… Hence it is wise to give them the opportunity to experience this natural aspect of their essence, freedom, within themselves.

What we can see here is that freedom is experienced by the Oversoul in a new way. And this is what we call evolution… We are all evolving. Humanity, but also animal species are shifting in consciousness. We are all taking it to the next level, a level that goes beyond the physical realm but does not abandon it.

Humans and horses together evolve toward a new state of being: a new state of being human and a new state of being horse. The label of being either a prey animal or predator doesn’t fit anymore when we progress on this path. For many, this may sound very curious and strange, but if you look at yourself and answer the question: Are you the same as a caveman? Yes you have affinities, some more than others 🙂  , but on some levels you are different, not to say completely different…

When we keep labeling our horses as prey animals and ourselves as predators, we keep our horses in a state where they are victims. Labeling limits our horses and ourselves to evolve toward another state of awareness and holds all of us into an old state of being…

Through the healing sessions I have performed I noticed how the state of being of a person can be layered upon a horse. I have very clearly seen this in the case of Pippy. I wrote this about her a couple of months ago:

“ What I very clearly experienced with Pippy is how the energy of an owner is placed upon a horse and transforms the energy field of the horse and the horse acts as if she were a different horse.

These are layers that are not part of the horse and need to be removed and transformed, so the horse can express her true self. She has had several owners in the past that were emotionally very aggressive and frustrated with her, because they couldn’t handle her smartness and strong character. But this aggression and frustration by these people had made Pippy harsh herself in a way. It is very important to clear those layers, because we need to be able to see our horses truly and continue our relation from there.

She is a horse that actually needs to gain respect for humans, but she will only develop this respect if she is addressed in a very clear, but gentle way. She is a horse that knows that harshness is a form of weakness. And we become harsh from the moment we close our heart…

This is a very high level challenge: to develop a way to set boundaries from a place of strength in a soft and loving way. I think this message that Pippy shared with us is a lesson for all of us who are dealing with horses who have a strong character, are smart and at the same time very sensitive. It is a very fine line that we walk: to be crystal clear and at the same time be pure love.“

Not only can we limit our horse by our emotional state of being, our perception can have the same result. Because it is our perception that makes us perceive our horse in a certain way. If our perception is limited to our own ideas and things we think we know, we place these dogmas onto someone else (in this case our horse) even without realising this ourselves. Our whole belief system is projected upon our horse and this encapsulates our horse. This makes it almost impossible for our horse to express his or her true self into this reality.

The only way to shift this is by start listening to our horse, to have an open mind about the world around us and to be receptive. We have to let go of old ideas and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Where this eventually will lead to is impossible for me to know, but yet this makes it so interesting and adventurous… The result is not even possible for the soul to say, because that is exactly what evolution is: an exploration of choices of millions of possibilities that lead to something else… On a short term this path leads to a connection with your horse that goes beyond your current experience, a possibility of expression of soul, and new ways for you to explore…

Let your horse guide you on your path and open your mind while you walk…

Helena Sidiropoulos

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