Guidance from Horses

February 25, 2015


When we are humble we can feel that everything in the world around us is talking to us. Everything vibrates and speaks…  When we acknowledge the presence and the message of the world around us it is uplifted. When we deepen our connection with the outer world, we deepen our connection with our inner world. Both are connected and at the same time reflect one another. So when we go deeper within our interaction with our horse, we go deeper within the interaction with our selves. These two paths are not separate. So whether we think we take the path where we learn to listen to our horse or we think we take the path where we listen to our inner guidance, we are equally progressing on this path toward an increased state of awareness.

Being humble is a key to open our minds and hearts to our fellow beings, because it enables us to silence our know-it-all rational mind. When we are humble and so are open to consider the many possible expressions in life, we are able to become the magical, explorative child that we all once were. Humbleness leads toward openness, openness leads toward reception, and reception leads toward expansion. The more open we are, the more we are able to truly listen and expand our own awareness of self.

Some of us have attracted horses in our life that guide us very specifically, if only we let them.

Several spiritual teachings from horses

Grounding enables us to connect with the energy of Gaia, this energy supports and nurtures our whole being. Through grounding we can also open ourselves to the abundance around us.

Openness gives the possibility to exchange and evolve. Through opening our heart we can share experiences and expand our perception. We can experience deep connection and love.

By becoming a good listener we are able to tap into one’s true being and see their full potential even when they don’t see it themselves. A good listener can become a wonderful guide for others and themselves.

Attunement enables us to connect with other energetic states and will enable us to transform and shift energetic states within and around us.

Being in the moment helps us to stop the endless rattling of the rational mind, it opens the door toward silence where we can really listen to what is ‘said’ and find peace…

Dealing with emotions: allowing emotions to come to the surface without hurting another being and opening ourselves to forgiveness of self and others, allows us to open and expand our heart.

Flowing with life. When we know when the time is right to open a door and step through it and when not, we feel the rhythm of life and follow the current.

Freedom can only be truly experienced when we are able to open our total being. When all possible restrictions based upon fear have vanished and we become free, we are able to share our being with all of life and experience true love.

Guides to our divine essence

Many of us have the possibility to meet members of our Soul Family on this earthly plane. When we look at them we recognise them, not only do we remember them, but we also remember a crucial part of ourselves. Our divine essence.

Sometimes our horse is one of those Soul Family members and we have the beautiful gift to experience life together and grow together, while feeling at home. This is a precious gift. And once recognised as such it will open many more possibilities…

Our horse then guides us to the core of our being.

From the perspective of horses

I am amongst the thousands of horses I once saw in another meditation. I feel pure love from them. They vibrate so much love, it is amazing… They are so light and sparkling. I walk in between them, because I want to understand their point of view. Why they want to be guides for us, humans… I feel their love, but also a curiosity toward me as I wander amongst them…

If I move further away from the side of humans and deeper into the realm of horses I end up in nothingness… It is silent here. I choose to move back to the horses and feel their love again… wow…

I become a horse and feel that a human comes my way, I become so dense and all the love fades away… I do not understand because I thought humans were to cross the barrier and search for the horses. But I feel so dense and have an empty hole in my heart. I do not feel the love anymore that I felt amongst the horses…

I leave this horse and go back to the realm. I feel the love again… Again I enter a horse and experience a human almost grabbing me and taking me away from my loving self and pulling me into density.

I go back again and try to experience another horse. I see this horse go to a human. She chooses her human and goes to her. I see the human honouring her and seeing the horse. She is open. The horse feels so loving and light, still. She has been able to keep her love and connection to the realm. I now see that she guides the human and they walk their path together.

I wonder… I choose another horse in the realm and I see this horse is determined to go to a specific human. But I see that the human has a barrier around her. The horse tries to do all she can to make her human see her, but isn’t able to. I see a lot of clouds of thought around this human and the horse is not seen through the mist, but the horse does not give up. She is determined…

I choose another horse and enter him. He is surprised, but wants to share his experience with me. I see him go to his human, but she looks away every time he stands in front of her. She avoids him as if he is not there…

Then I enter another horse and see a human. Human and horse are miles apart, each alone. I feel a loneliness…

Helena Sidiropoulos

Do you want to know why your horse is in your life and what gifts (s)he brings you?

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