How to heal your horse

September 2, 2014

When we are connecting to our own natural selves and our horses, we are able to cross the barrier and connect truly with all of life…


On one hand you can heal deeper layers and traumas, and on the other hand you can heal energy that is picked up through day to day experiences. The latter is more like maintaining a harmonious expression. Especially when you and/or your horse are going through a difficult period it could be very helpful to balance your energy field regularly…

The base for a wonderful energetic field starts with providing all of the basic needs: food, shelter, social contact, space…

Do not forget that classical medicine can be very helpful in a healing process, so please contact a veterinarian or osteopath etc. when you stumble upon physical problems.

Start with healing yourself

We always need to start with ourselves, our own energy field needs to be balanced and clear, because we would otherwise burden our horse instead of heal them. It is also a good place to start experimenting, because when you work on yourself you can feel at first hand what works. It is also good to develop your own way of working. And by balancing and healing yourself, you can increasingly handle more and more powerful energy in your body. You also increase contact with your higher self and create an opening for your higher self to manifest in this reality more and more.

First step: connection

Always start a healing session by connecting yourself from your feet and base chakra with the inner centre (the core) of the earth. This is necessary to be able to transform energies on a deep level. By doing this, Gaia herself can aid you in your healing process and this helps you to not become drained. Then connect yourself from the crown chakra with the source of the universe, the void, the place where all life is born… Try to connect with those two energetic sources and let this energy flow through your body (through all the chakras). In fact these two sources are one and the same, when you tap in you may realise that your energy current flows on a circle rather than a line…

Second step: call your soul

Call upon your soul, ask him or her to come inside your body. When you do this, this itself could already put you in a transformation process. Keep breathing and stay grounded. Ask your soul and guides to help you with the healing. If it is too intense ask your soul to make it a bit easier for you.

Third step: intention

Set the intention that the healing you would like to perform serves the highest good of all those involved. (this is very important!!!!) You could place a second intention to heal or balance yourself (or your horse later on).

Fourth step: healing and balancing yourself

This is important because by practicing on yourself you will find out many things. First of all the third eye, sixth sense, is more than “seeing”. The sixth sense is a way to have access to deeper levels by using our other senses. This means that we can “see” through knowing (spatial ability), smelling, hearing (channeling words and sounds), seeing and feeling. One can develop all senses, it is like looking for a frequency on a radio station. But the first step is to find out which of these senses comes natural to you. Start working with your natural ability and later on you may want to develop the other abilities…

When you focus on each of your chakras and be open to how it comes to you, you will find out what is your natural ability… After a while you will also know how you perceive the notion of a balanced chakra or when it is depleted or excessive. When a chakra is depleted or excessive, this means we need to balance it out, so it can harmonize with the rest of our energy field, so it is one smooth circuit…

It is hard to explain how you can perceive this imbalance, but for instance when you see with your sixth sense, it could be that you pick up the colors of the chakras. All the chakras have different colors. There are 7 basic chakras, but in truth the body contains a whole lot more chakras than these 7. When you perceive that a color is paler it means the chakra is depleted, when it becomes more fluorescent (check in connection with the other chakras) it means it is excessive. A depleted chakra needs an increase of energy, an excessive chakra needs to be softened…

There are also other possible energetic encounters one could have, check if it is a block that can be opened, or whether some disturbing energy needs to be removed. If you don’t know, ask your guides to help you… If you cannot see it, ask your guides to show you what is depleted, what is excessive and what is harmonious…

Always strive for harmony. Like a rainbow.

Also check your auric field. You could fill your auric field with white light and clear all darkened energies, but there are many other possibilities… As I said before, experiment on yourself to develop a way of working.

Healing your horse

First step: heal and balance yourself

Second step: ask for permission

If you would like to work on a horse or animal that is not yours, ask permission from the human caretaker. This is very respectful and this will help you to communicate about your findings afterwards. Also ask permission from the horse you would like to heal. If you do this and the horse is open to receive the healing, then it will be much easier to do the healing. Remember that you are a channel for energy and that the horse (or other animal or human) decides how deep a healing can go, by being open.

Third step: open your heart

If you work from a place of love, a love that is respectful and sees the power of the horse, your healings will have a very strong effect. This is the only way to do it correct. Remember to set the intention “For the highest good of all” , by working through our own and open heart this intention is increased. By being open yourself the horse will find it a whole lot easier to be open to you. Love is transformative and healing, it is in my experience the most powerful energy one can work with. And on top it is beautiful…

Fourth step: heal your horse

Here we also have many many possibilities. Try to find out which way of working you like yourself.

  • You can work with the horse present or do remote healings.
  • You can work by placing your hands on the chakras or by standing next to the horse.
  • You can work in the different auric fields when you are closer or further away from the body…
  • When you work remotely, you could visualize the horse in front of you, or even let the energy of the horse come inside you and work on yourself.

Check all the chakras and auric field of the horse and perform the healing.

Fifth step: be thankful

When you are ready. Thank all your guides for working with you. Thank the horse to receive the healing. Close the session.

Sixth step: check your own energy field

Are you still in balance? Did some energy got stuck or are you tired? Do a healing for yourself to balance yourself out.

I double or triple check my own work and I recommend you to do the same. When you feel or see harmony you have done your part.

‘The joker’ guilt: forgive yourself

Sometimes it is harder to take a look at our own horses and heal them, because they are so near and we are emotionally so involved with them. We feel we are responsible for them, we could even feel guilty when they don’t feel good. What I do in that case is the following : I first go into meditation and into that feeling of guilt or responsibility. I let these feelings come up and ask my soul to aid me to transform this feeling. It could be that tears or other emotions come to the surface, let them come up and let them flow. When you feel you are calm again and open. Then you can more easily take a look at your horse and begin the healing…

Helena Sidiropoulos

Soul Horse healing session

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