Creating together with your horse

November 9, 2014

Where do you want to go with your horse? What is your goal? And what is the next step you can take, at this moment, to bring your goal into manifestation?

Creation is a tricky thing. It is always about balancing. Not only between heart and mind, but also between future and present, between you and your horse…


The universe is a place where everything is possible, abundance is present, but we don’t always see the doors. That is why we always need to look at ourselves if we want to change something in our lives. There are many of us who make wishes and send them into the universe, but don’t get what they initially wished for. There are many reasons for this. For instance you wish you would have more money and every time when you get presents or money, you give it all away (at the expense of yourself)… You are showing the universe that you don’t want it. You are expressing that you rather have no money. So at a certain point you are wishing that you don’t want any money for yourself, and off course this what you get. The universe always answers to our questions and wishes, but we are not always aware of what we are sending out into the world. So if something is not working for you, take a look at yourself and notice if you might be boycotting yourself on some level. Transform this attitude and belief on all levels, also in the physical realm, and then wish again, and see what happens…

Sometimes you are not wishing from your heart, but rather from fear or ideas that you think people expect from you… How can we know when we are wishing from the heart? Well, you can feel it: if your heart gets light and sunny and you feel the outcome of a wish would make you really happy and loved, that is a heart’s desire. The spark in these wishes are so strong and magnetic, that it will bring you many answers.


Sometimes we have such a great longing for our wish to come into manifestation, that we forget where we are now. We loose ourselves in the future and are not here, in the present, where we can actually make a change. Creation is both, about actively taking steps and seeing doors opening, and receiving the presents and answers… There is a dynamic to it that helps us come into flow. When we are able to hold onto our wish, but don’t fixate upon it, and at the same time are able to stay in the present, we are able to move ahead in big steps. It is only when we block the dynamic: either by stop wishing, stop taking steps, stop seeing the doors or stop receiving answers that come to us… that we become stuck.

Sometimes we think we are blocked, but we aren’t. You might as well be in the receiving end of the process, that needs as much energy and attention as the outgoing part. Take a look at where you are in the process right now, and acknowledge it, and then feel when you need to move on to the next phase of creation…

Our true goal

Goals give us a sense of direction, and as long as we are flexible enough to change the goal in relation to the information we receive on the path, we are open to the flow of life and are creators of our own lives. From time to time it is wise to check our goals that we once brought in our lives. Sometimes our path is not as straight as we would think: it could be that you are following a goal to end up somewhere completely different. And that is perfectly great, because sometimes we need an alter goal before we are ready to see our true goal. The path we take brings us many experiences, that at some point or another, always brings its rewards.

You and your horse

In relationships we must not forget to take into account: the other. Creation is in this case a bit more complex because two creators are creating, and there is an interesting dynamic going on. But as long as you tune in with the highest good of all involved, you will create together and the creation is nurturing for all in involved. Our horses, too have their own inner selves and wishes, and when the two of you are aligned in your relationship it is very easy to step as a team together in the dynamic of creation. Always move forward in connection, this includes giving time to the other to develop a certain aspect or to give yourself time to develop something. It is about balancing the two partners in the relationship, so then they can flow together with the rest of the universe…

Connection and alignment in all directions, that is the beauty and challenge of relationships.


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