Self Love and the Relationships You Attract

May 9, 2022

We are like magnets to one another once switched on.

Multidimensional Puzzle pieces that beautifully fit together. Patterns that resonate throughout the universe. 

When you harmonise your puzzle piece ( your energetic vibration made up of thoughts, feelings, your blueprint… ) and attune your expression to your inner being, you will naturally attract a different, more harmonic pattern than before to make a puzzle together.

The beings you attract in your life are your teachers and allies on your path of love. They are alike and mirror what you need within. When you come from a place of wounding they will meet you here. 

And although the experience you have with them may not feel like loving to you, when you learn ( = heal ) you will move toward more and more self love. Accepting and loving yourself and your creations for what they are and where they are. Making this experience a loving one after all. 

( On soul level the being you are interacting with loves you so much! )

When you love your self more and more

And maybe learn to set boundaries and be forgiving…

Your inner being is becoming more visible in this 3D realm. You will start radiating your signal into the world, louder and louder.

This signal is a “beep beep beep” (like a heart beat heard on a monitor), that radiates into the universe. And with that signal a magnet inside you is activated. 

Drawing the love of your soul into your 3D experience. Embodied into people, animals and earth itself that mirror your love of self

When you are ready to feel love and let this love in, it is there. 

This is why it is said:
first self love then love 



Heal with us and learn how to love yourself and manifest true love in your life

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