Your space is yours and it is sacred.

No one has a right to invade it, to mould you or to push you. It is you alone who is the keeper and guardian of that space which is sacred. Be that guardian for yourself.

Every being has a sacred space. Our space is much more than our physical bodies. It stretches out over our whole energetic field. When our sensitivity increases our sacred space becomes bigger until we become one with all. Then we become guardians of our animal friends sacredness, of our earth’s sacredness. And we feel that we would like it that this space is honoured in alignment with the spirit residing in that space.


The universe and its messengers (manifested in other beings such as people, animals…) enable us to discover the exact nature of our space. When we are triggered by others and feel emotions such as anger and sadness, we can find out where our boundaries lie. When we go into those emotions we become aware of the deeper feelings why we feel troubled. We understand ourselves better and what we need to feel peace in our hearts. We get to know our heart’s desire and our soul.

When we are aware of our soul’s path, this is what feels right, it takes courage to become our own guardian. As a guardian we take our space and through that we reveal its sacredness.

Taking space

There are many ways we can take space. But as a loving guardian of our own self, and when expanded a loving guardian of all, there is a very fulfilling way we can do this…

Connect with your soul. Let all your pain come to the surface. Feel how your space has been invaded and by whom or what situation… If you feel angered : let these emotions come up, but try to show them to your soul instead of sending it to that person or animal… Ask your soul to transform these emotions and show you why you feel the way you do. Find out the hidden reason of you being upset. Then ask your soul how you can reclaim your sacred space.

Healing communication

When you know how to take your space. It can be important to communicate this. If this is of importance for your relationship, become courageous and share with the other why you reacted the way you did, why you felt the way you did and how your relationship will benefit when some things are said or handled differently. Be careful not to invade other people’s space by telling them how they should act. But try to communicate your feelings and the effect on you and find a solution that works for the both of you… I have experienced this healing communication and was amazed by its healing effects.

Multiple experiences in a shared experience

If we remember that we each look at a shared experience differently, we can understand that misinterpretations are very easily made.

For example sometimes someone will think that he needs to do stuff for you, while you feel that this is an invasion of your space and limits your own experience. Only when this has been communicated can we free both parties: the one who did stuff is now free to have more energy for himself and the recipient is free to experience and learn from a situation…

I believe that most people do not intentionally try to hurt someone or keep them small. We all want to be loved and sometimes that results in invading another beings space and in fact results in feeling more alone…

Giving space

When we give space and allow someone to experience their choices and path, we give them a feeling of support, respect and love. This loving act, by not doing anything than just being yourself, will create an abundance of loving relationships.


Horses also have a sacred space. They speak another language and this language is not always understood. When you allow your horse to express him- or herself it will be much easier to notice when you are invading their space and when you are respecting their space.

When a horse bites, kicks or responds in a way that may not seem ‘nice’. Take a look at yourself and check whether you have invaded his space. Horses are beings that seek harmony, they will NEVER hurt you just to hurt you or to be a pain in the ass. There is ALWAYS an underlying reason for his or her response. Physical pain, emotional pain, invasion of space, fear etc.

Be alerted when your horse never says no. If this is the case, your horse may be so far from his true self that he feels he cannot say no anymore…

When horses are abused by humans, some horses respond by becoming aggressive and other horses completely close down. Grenache is a horse that closed down completely. The owner contacted me saying that Grenache is a horse that behaves perfectly, but she had a very hard time to connect with him. She has Grenache with her since a few months so their relationship is quite young, but something was off. In Belgium we call these kinds of horses: horses with buttons. Something that some riders tend to look for, but it is sad to say that most of those horses are completely shut down and they do not relate to humans with their heart at all. I was very happy when I read the owner’s question that she was not happy with this contact, because she was completely right… A horse with buttons is not a horse at all, it has nothing to do with horsemanship when you ride such a horse. From my perspective true horsemanship starts from connection. The language you use to ride is a part of a deeper communication that goes from heart to heart.

When I contacted Grenache I found out that the first step to opening up was that his owner would make him a promise. A promise that she would always make sure that he would be taken care of… Even if she would at one point need to sell him, that she would make sure she would find him a good and loving home.

When I asked what else she could do, and this brought tears into my eyes, I had no response. He couldn’t ask for anything, he was not used to ask for anything or even get anything… I advised the owner to find out what Grenache loves, what food he loves, what kind of contact he loves, what he loves when he is being ridden etc. He needs to be given many experiences so he can find out what he loves and who he is. When he will see that his owner gives him space to find out who he is, he will open up more and more to her.

When you have such a horse in your care there will come a point when this horse will test you. He will ask himself: “Is this real?” When this happens it is very important to show your horse, in a very respectful and loving way, your boundaries. Once Grenache would see that his owner is not like his previous owner who has beaten him, but can maintain leadership with respect and love, he will open up fully and she will get a friend for life…

A horse that feels loved and safe tests his human friend. It shows you that you are on the right path! See those tests as a part of your evolving relationship and your growth in horsemanship. Try to keep your focus on trust that your horse does not want to hurt you, but merely shows you where you need to put your attention and develop your skills. They are our teachers, our guides to become the best human we can be…

When I meet humans like the caretaker of Grenache, I get a feeling of hope… I see that we are on our divine path as a species…

Their space is theirs and it is sacred.


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