Why you are here

July 23, 2016

When we think about our purpose in life we are mostly considering a path that embraces a goal that will change the world.

We try to think of our mission as one that moves lives and changes them. At least that is how I perceived all those things. I wanted to change the world for the better. To fight against all sorts of mistreatings of other beings,     beings that I consider to be our equals. Animals, but also humans that have done terrible acts against other human beings.

I had and still have this compassion within me that feels their hurt and see who they truly are, beings that in their own right are trying to find a way through this maze here on earth, to find something that makes them feel they belong here… Desperately seeking for love, trying so hard and not finding it…

Now, I see that the mission I created for myself was not my true reason to be here on earth. The one thing that we need to do here is to be ourselves, the being that we feel we are in our hearts. It is a very humble and quiet ‘task’, it is not much and yet it is the world. I feel that I am trying to be just me.

And when I am me, the universe is in flow. There is no bigger accomplishment then this, to be and express who you are in your heart, your Natural Self, and to act accordingly and enjoy life

Helena Sidiropoulos

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