Shamala, Amal al Sham and Lupe Moon

Healing with Horses as a Practice

Horses are portals to Gaia’s consciousness. The energetic heart of horses is 5 times as powerful as ours, their energetic field can be up to 9 meters in size. Together, as a herd, horses attune to each other and together they form a huge energetic field of healing in which they let us in. Your energetic field is naturally harmonized and will open up more easily, on a subconscious level, to the harmony, the life force, to the energy that lives in nature, within you, and serves your highest good.

In our healing sessions we take this to a higher level because we tune in and heal in a specific way. We work together in nature, because the energy of nature also contributes to the softening of your energetic field. The horses roam freely and can choose for themselves how they contribute to the healing work we do together. This makes the messages and the energy much clearer and also much more powerful, because it happens of free will and with intent, together.

From experience, the right horse shows up at the right time to join forces with me to enable you to heal, while the others may stay in the background. Sometimes they work together as a herd and form an energetic grid, lifting us up. Sometimes they show very clear messages, which can be warnings or encouragements to follow a certain path. Always for you and at the right time.

Over the years we have evolved in our healing work more strongly into the energetic healing aspect of it, which to me feels like a new way of working with horses. I see us evolving into completely new ways of healing. For example, when people connect with the herd, certain etheric fields in the person’s bodies (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) are highlighted for me to see through my clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. The horses also direct energy in synergy with my own to heal you. It is a very fascinating matter, and we continue to evolve together in the healing work that we offer you.

Medicine horses

Like every living being, every horse has its own talents, characteristics, preferences and way of guiding, moreover, every horse also has a unique energy as soul and life experience. The combination of all these elements forms the unique Medicine of a horse. Horses that act as healers are Medicine Horses. Although all horses have a unique medicine, not all horses are Medicine Horses.

I came up with the idea of asking them to introduce themselves to you by tuning in with their soul and energy:


“I am Shamala. I am curious about this question and satisfied. Inside I am young and playful. I am ancient and wise and I go very very deep and I take you with me all the way into the earth. Transformation awaits you. And then a lightness will overflow your entire being. I am love.”

Amal al Sham

“I am Amal. Son of Shamala. Sun. POWER resides within me and it bursts out like a volcano. If you dare to let me in I will spiral from within and clear the darkness within. Then comes peace and my loving sweet heart will soothe your heart. Tears will flow and hurt will pass. I am tenderness.”

Lupe Moon

“I am Lupe. Lupe of the light. Lupe Moon. I enter your mind and I purify the dark thoughts in your head. I feel like a massive wave that crashes into your shore. I breathe into you and blow it out. Clearing and then comes peace. Stillness. You feel your Higher being within. I am”

Natural living

My three horses live outside on a pasture 24/7 (unless their health requires otherwise). They have access to a winter paddock and open stables so they can move around at all times. They get plenty of hay and/or grass.They live together in a small herd. because horses are social creatures and also live in groups in their natural habitat. They do not wear rugs during winter time. When horses have access to shelter and plenty of food, they have a natural ability to grow a thick coat that keeps them warm. My horses have never been ridden in their lives and have not been extensively trained to any particular method. I have had my horses with me since 2010 and in 2018 they informed me that they were ready to do this work with and for the healing of human beings together with me.



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