The Bright Mother

January 7, 2021

My horses are eating and I stand there in the dark waiting. I have to protect my mare’s food from the other horses. I am waiting and gazing and flipping through my imaginary diary of events.

I realised a pattern has been reoccurring in my life. Similar responses in my behaviour and emotions to similar events. Always with the animals I care for and my child, “All your children”, my guides tell me. And I feel that this is a grand story of bloodlines and collective memories about the Mother. A grand story that belongs to many.

I feel into my worries and concerns about being a good mother… and I remember all my failures and I felt the sadness I felt then and now. ( In an energy healing we align and with that timelines fold into one another, which makes it possible to heal past lives or childhood traumas… ) And I felt the depth of it in my cells…

and then my mare, with her loving grace, stepped in and started sending me her love and showed me that my loving is reflected and seen in the eyes of all. It goes beyond small choices and actions, and it pierces through all events and patterns. It is 💗 

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