The North Star

January 9, 2021

All relationships are aiding us. They bring you either closer or further away from your Self. And in their essence are serving you, always, as a way to find your Inner Being. But it is not always clear when a relationship is unhealthy and disconnects you from your self; when you are projecting your fears onto someone else or when you are healing wounds together. Boundaries can become very blurry when it comes to relationships. I have heard people who were abused say: “Oh there are worse situations than my experience” and I have heard people who were wounded say, they wanted to break away from a person that really loved them. So what is it, what is healthy and serving us, and how can we navigate in that direction? 

A few years ago, I was meditating and saw what looked like a North Star radiating above my body (my soul as Star being). I couldn’t figure out the meaning of the North Star until a few months ago. I read that sailors navigated the ocean while looking at the North Star as their compass to find their way home. I was always so driven by the feeling to find my home.

The map to your Inner Being is created while you are travelling it. When you look to your Inner Being as your compass for all the choices you make and follow it, your way is guided by Soul. 

Soul is interested in experiencing life in its full expression and variety, all is well, but the feeling when you align with your Inner Being could be described like ‘coming home’ and in this fulness of who you are: you are love. So when you are confused or disorientated about your relationship: align with your Inner Being and then take a look at your relationship through these eyes. Or when you feel you are coming home in the arms of your lover, it IS home and it IS right. This does not mean you will not experience challenges in your relationship or that it will last for a life time.

It does however mean that these two individuals in this relationship love each other this much that they serve simultaneously what makes their loved ones heart sing and their own. They do not give up on themselves, nor do they ask this from their beloved. They travel hand in hand and pedal in rotation on their self built vehicle stacked with children, pets, plants and shared dreams they ride toward the future and at the same time travel to their Inner Being,  (or stacked with a business, employees etc in that type of relationship)

if you have no idea what your Inner Being feels like and thus do not know where your North Star is and what you might be missing out… I encourage you to go out there and go look for it 💗

If you would like a soul perspective on relationships and self love please read the text under the strawberry love image ❤️

Discover a higher perspective and gain more clarity about your relationship, Heal together with your loved one and experience more self love and love in your relationships.

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