The Gaian Experience

March 9, 2015

We are one

Gaia is all of us: planet earth, animals, crystal beings, plants, stones, trees, humans… All of us who exist here have chosen to experience life on this planet within this universe and within these dimensions, together.

Gaia gives us the possibility to experience love on a deeper level, because of our emotional bodies… All Gaian beings have an emotional body. Humans that become more sensitive can feel how other beings on this planet, like plants or animals… , have emotions too. When we connect our heart with another being our emotional bodies melt together and become one. In this shared body we can feel both our own emotions and the other’s emotions.

Sensitivity and awareness expands through connection with other beings. And the more sensitive and aware we become, the more we experience that it is impossible to separate ourselves from our planet, from animals, crystals and plants… We are one being. We are one.


When we do separate ourselves completely from other humans or from animals and believe that we are of higher or lower standard it is much easier to inflict pain. Not only can we inflict pain more easily, we also experience pain because we feel alone, disconnected, empty… Every act or thought of total separation has a painful effect on others and ourselves.

Even though it can be quite painful when we become more sensitive, in the end it is the only way to truly overcome pain. Because there is no sadder and more painful experience than being alone, emotionless and fighting to survive.

When we hurt the planet, we hurt ourselves. When we hurt animals, we hurt ourselves. But when we cherish animals, the planet, plants, crystals and all the beings that are a part of us… we feel love. We feel loved…

The moment we choose to open our hearts to the world and feel connection, we feel that we belong. We remember that we are a part of this world…

Within this process of healing it is important to realise that we can have moments wherein we feel a strong sense of connection and other moments where we can feel total separation. I see this process as a flux from one experience to the other, where the gap between the two states of being eventually becomes nonexistent. When we are able to balance the experience of being unique and of being whole, we are able to feel and stay in connection with the whole and our selves simultaneously. We are then able to channel a healing energy into the world. In this multi connected state we can experience other’s pain and lift them up to a connected state of being.

The challenge is balancing both individual expression and the expression as a whole without loosing one or the other. ∞

When we are able to experience ourselves on each of the dimensions synchronously, the dimensions fold together and create a portal to a new reality, one of creation… 

Love and life

There are many ways to acknowledge the other as a part of ourselves. We can care for the planet and make valuable environmental progress; we can care for animals and see to it that they are happy and healthy; we can care for crystal beings by treasuring them when they cross our path and wish to guide us… Embracing and honouring all expressions of life.

And we can care for ourselves and cherish our own heart and make it feel alive. When each and every one of us loves oneself it is impossible to hurt others, because when we see ourselves truly we can see our reflections in the world around us. We can feel others in the same manner as we feel ourselves. We become compassionate and we can see the world is alive…

The contagious power of thought

Just like actions, thoughts also have an impact on our reality, on all of our realities together. Thoughts in fact have such a strong impact that they can change our reality completely.

For instance when we only see the negative side of life we will experience negative emotions. These negative emotions create a heavy energy field that weighs upon ourselves and others. This heavy energy can pull others around us downward as well. We will speak negatively, we will be angry and project this onto the world and share those emotions with the world. Thus impacting ALL with negativity and in this case anger. Which creates even more anger and frustration, because others will feel our anger and become angry too, impacting other beings and so the snowball continues to expand…

Just as this spiral can go downward impacting everyone around us, this spiral can go upward too: when you see the positive side, when you see the good in people and the beauty and life around you… We see the bigger picture and become grateful. This beauty and love that you then send out into the world will touch others and will open them too to see the beauty around them… creating even more beauty…

Balanced thoughts

Detachment (separation) can create nonconstructive thoughts. Just like we can feel ruled by raw emotional expressions that are triggered when we feel disconnected from our higher perspective, we can create an illusory reality by becoming detached from our emotions. This occurs when we are ruled by our mental constructions. This is the challenge of the rational mind. When both rational and intuitive mind are balanced and in harmony with the heart and anchored within life we can create balanced thoughts. ∞

Be the change

When we want to make a change in the world and see the pain around us, but choose to share our angry thoughts with the world, we are creating density: fear, pain, anger, hate… In fact we feed pain and make it even more painful than it was before. We walk the downward spiral and pull everyone and everything in it. When we walk this path we can say for instance that we care for animal beings, but our thoughts and actions will lead them to suffer even more… An animal that is experiencing pain and additionally feels all the angry thoughts of humans about his situation will be swamped into so much negativity that it may be impossible to get him out of it. What this animal needs is love. Love lightens his burden and will help him pull through. Not only thoughts of love, but actions rooted in love in this reality will make the difference. We need both thoughts and action here in this reality to make a change.

We cannot ignore the pain around us, because that would create a detachment from life. What we can do is heal these emotions we experience inside of ourselves and then instead share positive thoughts and take positive actions that do not ignore the pain but instead heal the pain for all… This is a constructive way of dealing with the same issues.

Although I know this can be very hard to do, when we see and feel pain around us, it is the only way to transform it and really make a change. This is why many spiritual teachers say: “be the change” because it does start with you.

If you feel impacted by a photograph of a horse being in pain, but cannot do anything for that horse in the physical realm: go inside heal the pain you feel within, send him your love and take action to be there for other horses, to guide other humans with their horses etc.

The strongest impact a person can have on the world is to be an example and through focusing all of his or her energy on this constructive action. Thus becoming a catalyst and inspiring others to do the same.

So whenever something around you triggers you, upsets you, makes you angry or sad… look within, feel it and see it for what it is… then take a good look at yourself and see how you can make a change that could have a positive impact toward the trigger you have experienced. Then take the action and feel good about it and share this with the world…

Share your talents, share your inspirations and most of all share your love…

Helena Sidiropoulos

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