Path of Healing with Horses


Mijn valk was er weer, aan onze zijde samen met de paarden en voorouders tijdens de healing ❤️✨

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Allowing dreams to unfold

The question is not: “Is this going to happen to me or is this kind of person going to appear in my life?”  The question is: “What do I need so I can allow this to happen and what do I need so that I will recognise the person of my dreams when he or she […]

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Self love

– A Crystal Soulreading –  (in a round clear crystal quartz broken into two parts) First i saw an innocent child and an authoritarian strict adult. The adult tells the child what to do, how to behave.. The child with his heart wide open takes it all in. The adult feels closed off. When the […]

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Consciousness is the continuous being and becoming of everything and nothing.  You as a soul in your human expression have chosen some experiences. You will pull in these experiences in your human expression that is your life, because it was your own free will and choice to have these experiences when you decided to incarnate […]

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The chalice

Here it is, the chalice is yours to pour. Then you will become part of the great ocean and more. ❤️ Helena – a crystal soul reading –

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Ancestor healing

Align and call in your ancestors. Those who came before you and are you. Those who serve your greatest good. Ask for their healing. Then wait. ❤️ I saw a stone in the center that was being crossed by four light lines and then sudden as if out of nowhere light intense healing Helena

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I said: “Yes I know. I want to be free” and then she bit me (not in a painful way, but rather in a confronting manner) What I said and the meaning it had to me in the past, is not my truth anymore ? Horses are gentle though confronting speakers of truth.  (The messenger […]

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The intuitive

As she softly glances, in her fragile sweetness The story of your being told Raw, and wild but oh so open Naked, under a misty sky

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Some writings, messages, from my Inner Being, my guides who work with me through Nature. You will also find many insights through excerpts of healing sessions with clients, all anonymous off course. I share these insights because they can aid others in their journey to experience more Self Love.

You can also find some of the older texts that I wrote about horses: connection with them, healing and guidance from these beautiful guides.

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