Path of Healing with Horses

The intuitive

As she softly glances, in her fragile sweetness The story of your being told Raw, and wild but oh so open Naked, under a misty sky

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You are always on your path

-A Crystal Soul Reading- I see multiple possible realities and in the center there is this core energy that is very strong, it feels like a magnet that pulls all the ‘right’ experiences in And then you appear, as your human form  And then I feel hurt and it feels stuck and I see just […]

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The Soul Messenger

In the realm of nature spirit, the natural ethereal world where soul can be found I find a herd of horses composed of mist. Out of the herd steps one horse forward. She represents the herd and acts as a messenger. I look closely and focus. It is my horse Shamala! I feel it is […]

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The Natural Self

What the Natural self really is is something I can now only describe as a feeling: It is your connection with nature. It is the love that has made you and IS you. And it is also a curiousness that is fun and great!! It is the grace that holds you in her arms.  And […]

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These writings are a service parallel to the Healings with horses and Crystal and Stone Readings from my Inner Being, my guides who work with me through Nature. You will also find many insights through excerpts of healing sessions with clients, all anonymous off course. I share these insights because they can aid others in their journey to experience more Self Love.

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