Healing Journey with Horses

Journey to Self Love for men and women who want to make a true leap in their evolution.



Healing Journey with Horses. Journey to Self Love

This journey is about knowing who you are through the eyes of your soul: through your ancestors lineage, your inner child’s dream, your soul records stored within Gaia’s consciousness, your soul wound and through the dreams you have woven for yourself. With knowing we open a doorway to healing and the ability to express your natural loving self more in the world.
During this healing journey we will work with your individual soul’s intention to heal and we will step through five portals to discover aspects of your True Self. Self love is about loving all of who you are. We will uncover some hidden, unseen and forsaken parts and we will embrace our divinity, consciousness and everpresent self. We are bringing it all together in the loving and harmonising energy of the herd.
Through stepping through the five portals you will align with your inner being, who you really are, your truth and divine spark.



When we step through the first portal: Gaia’s consciousness we dive into your soul records. You will be guided to tap into your soul records where you will meet an essential aspect of yourself; aspects of your essence that have specific traits and characteristics relevant to your healing journey. Who are you? And why have you incarnated in this lifetime and what are your innate skills and essential powers for healing? This first module is about service and soul connections: with your Self, with Gaia, with Source, the Horses and each other. You may discover that you know the other participants from previous lifetimes and existences. You have all decided to walk this journey together. You will actively work with your Soul and Gaia throughout this entire journey.


When we step through the portal of the Wounded Healer, we will explore your soul wound and tap into your healing powers; the biggest wound you are carrying with you and which is active throughout your human experience. We will dive as deep as we can into this wound and will discover that there is more to it than meets the eye. Your soul wound has unfolded itself into your reality with certain relationship dynamics and a repeated pattern so you would be able to experience it and heal it. We will move beyond the unfolding and dive into the core of the wound. Where does it come from? Why did you have these experiences? And what is this wound bringing you? What is the hidden treasure? I am shown that we will reveal some very ugly and dark parts that reside in the underworld, the subconscious. I am shown circles of powerful healing where you will hold one another in softness and will be held by us. This will be a shamanic experience so bring your drum, rattle, crystals, stones and bells if you have them. I also see us all as a part of Gaia, the Earth experience, and how we will light up some powerplaces through our healing. My horses will reside in the blue energy of softness and healing through this experience.



When we step through this portal we will reconnect with our divine celestial self. You will discover the divine feminine and the divine masculine within yourself. These two streams of energy spiral through your being and are the essence of who you are. These streams of energy are also connected with our ancestors. Those of your lineage that have come before you are part of those streams of consciousness and flow through your being. I am shown we will go through a portal and travel through the universe with our astral bodies. We become our star selves and feel how we are part of the fabric of the universe. I see your heart becoming lighter and experience ecstatic pleasure as you travel and feel you are not alone. You will feel you are your own support team and they are you. You will feel that you are a part of something bigger. You will feel you are All that is. You are divine. I see that as we meditate the horses are around us and guiding us on our way.



This fourth portal is where we enter your dreams. Your heart’s desire, what your pure and innocent self wants to experience. You will reconnect with your playful inner child, who is connected to fairies and nature. We will be supported and guided by Pan and Mother Nature who dances. Often responsibilities, pressure and expectations from others have troubled our inner dreams. Adults wanted to shape you as a child and this has had its effect on you. We will receive clarity and remember what we really want for ourselves: what makes us happy. What is this human experience about for you? We will go back into believing. What might have been forever lost will, with renewed hope and belief, become again possible. Through your connection with my horses you will be pulled into your heart space and feel your inner child.



In this last portal you become Creation. It is about creating and manifesting your heart’s desire and it is the integration of your journey. I see you standing in a vortex, calling in energies and creating. We are bringing it all together. The key to creation is the combination of both masculine and feminine energy in flow, an alignment with soul with a strong heart’s desire and the openness to accept it and let it in.

We will end the Healing Journey with an integration where aspects of your process will get a place and are anchored in your being and Gaia, thanking all.



Concrete information :

    • The horses roam freely and choose to what extent they contribute to your process. Physical contact can happen, but is not necessary. Experience with horses is not necessary to follow this journey
    • This journey of healing takes place under an open sky in the grass in the meadow.
    • If you would like more information about the Healing Journey with Horses you are welcome to contact me
    • Address and information to prepare yourself for this beautiful, loving journey will be emailed after your booking
    • We go through 1 portal a day, dates are set by appointment. The journey takes a total of 3 to 5 months.
    • Individually, the investment in yourself for this journey is 1600 euros incl. 21% vat, or in 4 installments of 440, – incl. vat
    • Or 900 euros (incl. 21% vat) p.p. in a group of 3-5 people (separate invoices possible) or in 3 installments of 330, – incl. vat p.p. (bring your own group together)
    • Mentioned on invoice: Coaching – Equine Assisted Program “year”



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