A beautiful pathway of healing deeply held by the herd and Helena; and where you are guided closely towards profound healing, expanded consciousness and transformation over a period of three months.


Guided Healing Pathway

The Guided Healing Path extends over a longer period of 3 months, during which you can experience 3 extensive Healing sessions with Horses, Soul, and Nature, as well as 2 Oracle readings with Wisdom from the Stone People; an inner journey where you are guided, receive healing, and experience personal growth. The sessions build up, and a path unfolds from the soul. This pathway begins with your intention for healing, in alignment with your soul. After each session you will receive an assignment to work on at home to deepen and integrate the healing process and before each subsequent session you will receive a preparation assignment attuned to you and tailored to your healing path. At the beginning of each session we tune in again and proceed on the path as shown by the horses and Gaia, Mother Earth.


This pathway gives you the opportunity to heal deeply with close guidance from the herd and myself over a period of 3 months. When you are guided so closely to connect with yourself and self-love, you have the opportunity to anchor, embody, and integrate this much stronger, allowing transformations to take place more effectively.


The Guided Healing Pathway is recommended for people going through something, a period of transformation, of change, or who wish to change something in the dynamics of their relationships and patterns in their lives, and/or people who want to make a stronger connection with who they truly are and enjoy being closely guided to hear their inner voice, honor their wisdom, and embark on the journey inward in a loving way.


You will receive guidance, but also excercises to implement the wisdom in your life. And you will be invited to prepare yourself for each session in a particular way that is attuned to your Healing Pathway.



Concrete information:

    • Readings of stones and crystals take place via video call, for which you will receive an invitation each time.
    • Healing sessions with horses take place outdoors, in an open field, allowing us to feel the embrace of Mother Nature and her presence more clearly in our bodies.
    • We follow the wisdom and path of the Medicine Horse, where horses themselves choose how they contribute to the healing process. This is why the horses roam freely. The horses are not ridden.
    • You do not need any experience with horses to participate in the Guided Healing Pathway.
    • The Guided Healing Pathway is a profound journey of consciousness development and healing through the unique  and Healing power of Horses, Nature, and Soul, as well as the Wisdom of the Stone People; with guidance over a periode of three months. Investment in yourself: 976 euros (*incl 21% VAT) or in 4 installment payments of 264-*
    • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Individual Program
    • We make a first appointment (contact ) Then you will receive an email with more information how you can prepare yourself for your session and the location. Subsequent appointments are made after each session.

Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems

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