The Magical Power Of Your Focus

August 1, 2022

Some time ago I felt that I was in the shadow again. A shadow I thought I had brought to light. It felt like nothing had changed. But then my guides said to me, “Look at the energy around you.” I changed my focus and began to notice how beautiful the energy around me was, how light and loving. How my energy field had become so much lighter and how it was ‘breathing’ consciousness. I had been so immensely zooming in on a small wound to be able to heal it, that its shadow had grown so big that it became my reality. You see, I was not in the dark. It was my focus that led me to believe I was in the dark. I was there, not here. 

This is a bit of a mental trap of the healing journey. When you get stuck in the wound, when you are absorbed by it or even over-identify with it, it is not real anymore. The reality of it is not the truth. You really want to do the cycle: you journey in the dark and then you go out again in the light, never get stuck. If you get stuck it is your ego. 

Around a week later I noticed that when I focused on something dark (wounded) that the universe, my guides, all turned their heads together to look over “there”, to bring me the experience of my focus. When I switched my focus on something light again: sun, laughter, happiness. Again I saw my guides all together (almost like an army) turn their heads the other way, to the light, my new point of focus. Then I felt that this light was magnetically drawn to me, to come into my experience. I then felt the light in and around me.

Our focus is such a big factor in the manifestation of our desires. That is why healing (expanding and integrating your awareness) is important. To change perspective, drop victim consciousness, accept your power and remain vigilant in your creations. 

You have power


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