Healing with horses


Individual healing session 1,5u – outside in nature


Reconnect with your natural, loving Self

This healing session is an in depth one time dive into your Inner Being and your Life Situation. The main intention of our work is to facilitate healing so you can reconnect with your Natural Loving Self.


In this session:

    • Your situation and intention for healing is clarified. I tune into your energy and story to feel what is ready for healing.
    • You will go on a shamanic journey in which I am shown past lives, soul aspects and/or blocked, unseen energies. On this shamanic journey I will guide you through drumming and singing, which will take you deeper into your connection with Gaia and All That Is. It is both a reading of the soul and a healing.
    • You will heal in connection with my three horses and I. This is a combination of soul energy healing, constellation and shamanic work. It depends on what my horses and Gaia show me what is most healing for you. In the connection with my horses and I you are held in a space of healing. Attune to the healing energy field of the herd and their unique Medicine. We support you to allow yourself to let your Soul energy flow into your energy body and so release and heal. The healing by my horses and I is done primarily on an energetic level and does not require physical interaction (but can happen).
    • We end the session with an integration


We work with the natural world : sun, rain, moon, wind, darkness, light, mice, birds, trees… Some of these elements may be present in your healing session and they contribute to your healing with my horses and I


Concrete information:

    • Every session is unique and begins from your intention for healing.
    • My horses roam freely and choose to what extent they contribute to your healing. We follow the wisdom and path of the Medicine Horse. My horses are not ridden.
    • You don’t need any experience with horses to experience this healing session.
    • Healing sessions with Horses (1,5h) take place outside in a meadow.
    • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Session
    • Deepen and combine with a crystal reading and get a discount : Two sessions: crystals and horses
    • For a longer Guided Healing Journey with my horses and I : Guided Healing Path – individual
    • Prices are VAT incl.
    • You will receive an email with more information about the session itself and the location once you have made your appointment.
    • Schedule your healing session by contacting me through: the contact page. 
    • Possible times :
      • OTHER ( you are welcome to inform me of possible hours that work for you, when the hours listed above do not work )

Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems

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