Healing with Horses, Soul and Nature

Healing session with Horses 2h, in and with nature


Healing with Horses, Soul and Nature

Reconnect with your natural, loving Self and heal

My horses and I help you to understand, enlighten and heal emotional wounds, energetic blocks and patterns that occur in your life, work and relationships. We help you reconnect with your natural, loving Self – your Inner Being – and so open a door to healing, selflove and love, wisdom and inner peace.

The Natural World

This healing session with horses takes place in and with nature. We work with Mother Earth and the natural world: sun, rain, moon, wind, darkness, daylight, mice, birds, trees… By weaving the energies of nature and other guides, we provide a sacred space that enables you to go into your heart, to feel and to open yourself to the life energy, which is present in everything and everywhere. Our way of working breathes elements from shamanism.
The horses are guides to the heart, they are portals to its frequency, the heart frequency of Mother Earth.



The approach and vision we have at Threehorseshealing is based on a collaboration between human, soul and horse, in which the horses participate as worthy partners in the energetic and insightful healing process. All the healing work we do is done in freedom and next to the horses, on the ground. It is special and magical to see when a particular horse steps forward from the herd to help a client heal.

These healing sessions with horses are for men and women who:

    • Seek self-love, trust in themselves and life, and love for their bodies after having had a traumatic experience as a child related to sexual, physical and/or psychological abuse/transgressive behavior, parental substance abuse and/or emotional neglect and may have already been in therapy for this
    • Seek harmony, inner balance and healing for their bodies and emotional regulation to complement their treatment in case of a serious illness such as cancer or when they have experienced an accident and are healing on multiple levels
    • Need support in their grieving experience after the loss of a loved one
    • Women and couples (couple session) who have a wish to become parents and/or are looking for support and healing during pregnancy 
    • Seek harmonious, loving relationships with others; want insight into patterns in past or present relationships; want to connect with their soul family; seek true love and their soul mate; want to connect with their feminine or masculine nature
    • Parents who feel that their child is going through an emotionally difficult period and are looking for a way to be supportive and present in this process
    • Want to connect with Gaia, who want to come home in their heart, who want to grow in their consciousness and connect with who they really are and their true potential, who want to connect with their guides and expand their healing abilities. Lightworkers who are a channel of light and love for others and want to heal a theme for themselves
    • Want to experience flow, insight and expansion in their work, soul purpose, relationships. This can be expanded to a business trajectory in collaboration with CuriousToday (feel free to inquire about this)
    • Have a love for nature and horses

(these are our experiences, please feel free to contact us when you are unsure whether you can come to us with your question)


In true connection with horses and nature you feel you belong, this is felt deeply in our body



Concrete information:

    • Every session is unique and begins from your intention for healing.
    • The horses roam freely and choose to what extent they contribute to your healing. We follow the wisdom and path of the Medicine Horse. The horses are not ridden.
    • You don’t need any experience with horses to experience this healing session.
    • Healing sessions with Horses (2h) take place outside in a meadow
    • Investment in yourself 177 euro* (+ 43 euro*/extra half hour, *incl 21% vat) 
    • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Session
    • Deepen and combine with a crystal reading and get a discount :Healing process:  Crystal Reading and Healing with Horses
    • Choose the program Guided Healing Path, a beautiful and deep guided healing process of 3 healing sessions with horses and 2 readings. for when you need close guidance, are going through an intense period, are making a change in your life and relationships or want a deeper connection with your soul
    • You will receive an email with more information about the session itself and the location once you have made your appointment: contact
Contact a licensed psychiatrist or other mental health specialist if you have any mental health concerns. Soul Healing with Horses can complement other forms of therapy and coaching.  
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