Healing Power of Crystals and Horses

A healing process of wisdom, insight and healing with a Wisdom of the Stone People Oracle Reading and the Healing Power of Horses.


A Healing Process of Insight and Healing:

The healing power of crystals and horses is a healing process that gives you the opportunity to clarify the essence of an experience in a relatively short time and heal together with the herd and Helena. The messages that are received through the crystals help you to open a number of doors within that facilitate integration and transformation, they can also reveal potential that you may not have known was there.


In this healing process you will receive a written Wisdom from the Stone People Oracle Reading by email. In this reading the Stone People will reveal relevant factors, energies, obstacles, support in the current experience of the relationship or in connection with your soul, which may or may not already be present in your day-to-day consciousness. You may submit three questions for this reading that relate to the situation you are encountering or about which you would like more insight.


You will then have the opportunity to deeply heal, transform and evolve in a Healing session with Horses, Soul and Nature in the areas of personal growth, spiritual development and/or relational development. What the Stone People gave as a message is the beginning of the Healing session with Horses.

Concrete information:

    • The reading of stones and crystals consists of a written reading, which is sent by email. You can send along three questions through email or brief telephonecall/videocall.
    • The extensive healing session with horses takes place outside in the open air, in an open field, this allows us to feel the embrace of mother nature and her presence more clearly in our body.
    • We follow the wisdom and path of the Medicine Horse, where horses choose how they contribute to the healing process. That’s why the horses roam freely. The horses are not ridden.
    • You don’t need any experience with horses to experience this healing process
    • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted Awareness Program
    • Investment in yourself 296 euro (incl 21% vat)
    • You will receive an email with more information about the session itself and the location, once we have made your appointment: contact page

Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems


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